The Fed

The Fed regulates the nations money supply, supervises banks, supplies currency to reserve banks, and over see's the development and the function of the nations payment system.

12 District Banks:

District #1-Boston, MA

Distric #2- New York, NY

Distric #3- Philedelphia, PA

District #4-Cleaveland,Ohio

District #5-Richmond, Vermont

District #6-Atlanta, Georgia

District #7- Chicago, Illinois

District #8-St. Louis, Missouri

District #9- Minneapolis, Minnesota

Distict #10- Kansas City, MO

District #11- Dallas, Texas

District #12- San Francisco, California

Board of Governors: Located in washington D.C. There are 7 members, a Chairman, and a Vice Chairman. They help with monetary policy, open market operations, and help make the economy better.

FOMC: The Federal Open Market Commitee sets monetary policy. It also trys to stabilize the economy.

Bureau of Engraving and Printing: Designs and Prints the paper currency for the Fed. It also makes many other products for the Fed.

U.S. Mint: There are 5 locations for the U.S. Mint. It is designed to circulate coins throughout the U.S. Also to conduct trade.