Mauna Loa volcano

By:Kalni and Miya

Date of the disaster

The Mana Loa has erupted 33 times one is in 1843, and 1984.

The signs and warning that happend when the Mauna Loa blue up

some signs and warnings about the Mauna Loa volcano erupting is it starts to bulge, and it has hydrochloric to acid and carbon dioxide gases that come out befor it erups.

The death toll and casualties

The Mauna Loa did not kill anyone but it injured 2,000 people they didn't die because of the earthquakes befor the eruption.

countries that were affected

The Mauna Loa affected Hawaii it affected the highways and it destroyed nearby villages the streets were light on fire by the lava.

Economic impact (money)

Mauna Loa's volcano interactions with sister volcano kilauea triggered another major eathquake in 1973, resulting in finaceial losses estimated at $17,000 though no lives were lost.

Environmental impact/damages

The damages in Mauna loa volcano was really bad because it desraed houses plants. animals people and cars.

Facts about the Mauna loa volcano

The mauna loa volcano is the largest volcano on the planet as it rises over 4 killometer above the sea levol but the 4 killometers that you see on top is not ever half the size of the volcano. Half of the island of the volcano.Half of the island of hawaii is made up by the volcano and its sheer size makes it about 85% of every other hawaiian island combinded. The Mauna Loa is also one of the most active volcano in the world.Since the first erupshion in 1943 there had bin in add it ional 33 erupshions.

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