Gregor Mendel

Made heredity more known and better for people to understand


He earned the top marks in mathematics and science

He taught students at the technical school


Failed the exams 4 times

He's nerves got the best of him

Experimental Design

He crossed a yellow bean with a green bean

Data explanation

It explains what his data was when he was experimenting

Scientists Reactions

They didn’t fully understand it and didn’t attract much attention, his work remained mostly unread for 35 years after it was published


It was weird where did the green go? He took 2 pea’s from the new batch and put them together and some come out green

Vocabulary he came up with

Dominant: A gene that overpowers another gene.

Recessive: A gene that gets covered by a dominant gene.

Co-dominant: Gene that is neither dominant or recessive.


The papers you gave us and the pictures came from my phone