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August Faculty Meeting, 2015

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New Ruth Hill Family Members!

  • Dwight McDaniel, Assistant Principal
  • Brittany Beal and Jennifer Gonyea, Special Needs/Autism Class
  • Lindsey Bagby, Alexis White, Shelby Trowell, Jackie Britt, Special Needs Paraprofessionals
  • Andrea Arndt, Speech
  • Mandy Morris, PreK
  • Earnest Chase, K parapro
  • Dorothy Roberts, STOP parapro


  • We are missionaries, not teachers; this is a mission field, not a school
  • We cannot do this alone, we need one another and our children need us
  • "If She Only Knew Me" book

CCSS Mission, Vision, and Beliefs

  • PowerPoint Presentation

Code of Ethics

  • PowerPoint Presentation

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Complaint Procedure

Migrant Education Program

  • PowerPoint
  • Green sheet (if "yes" or any boxes marked, put in my box)

Additional Topics...

  • Monthly Grade Level Meetings (K-1: Judy, 2/3: Corley, 4/5: McDaniel)
  • Discipline (K-2 bus and school: Corley, 3-5 bus and school: McDaniel)
  • RTI/Tier II meetings (Judy)
  • RESA Partnership for Reading, K-3
  • Academic Parent Teacher Team Meetings
Food incentive

80/85/90% attendance incentive

APTT Facebook Page

Homework Connection

September 15: APTT for K-2, 5:30-7:00

September 22: APTT for 3-5, 5:30-7:00

  • Student Handbooks
  • Focus School Support
  • School-Based Budget (check supply closet, approved vendors, etc.)
  • Do not enter grades until August 17th
  • AdvancEd Team (interviews and observations)
  • Items for taking in hallway--get them by Tuesday afternoon! :-)

Google Training and TKES Orientation

Breaking into two groups and then switching

Google Training in Ms. McMillan's Room with McDaniel
  • PreK
  • Kindergarten
  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Dr. Rossi
  • Speech
  • Dr. Woods
  • Mr. Traylor
  • Mrs. Judy
  • Mrs. Cooper

TKES Orientation with Corley in 123 Room

  • Third Grade
  • Fourth Grade
  • Fifth Grade
  • Ms. Aldridge
  • Mrs. Couch
  • Mrs. Rhodes
  • Mrs. White
  • Ms. Ferrell
  • Mrs. Harrington
  • Mrs. Dunlap
  • Mrs. Greenwood
  • Ms. Beal
  • Ms. Gonyea

Conclusion before training


  • Required training on Safety Plan and Universal Precautions (McDaniel)
  • TKES completion and sign off for Self-Assessment, Pre-Evaluation, and Orientation (Corley)
  • Schedule will be sent


  • Grade level meetings in counseling center


  • Open House, 12:00-2:00


  • First Day of School!

  • Hold Hands and Depart
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