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Public Relations for Yonomi

Public relations, marketing and social media should all work together to amplify the message and good reputation of the company and its product, to build engagement, and to entice new users to download the app.

This proposal will address a number of components that should be considered and sample estimates of time to complete the items. A more specific allocation of time and efforts can be determined in the next discussion.

Public Relations

The benefit of doing public relations for your company is that it generates press and awareness in the public, spreading your reputation and driving downloads. Additionally, being featured in the press creates momentum. It will increase Yonomi's credibility and authority in the industry and in the community. Publicity pieces can be featured on your website and in your press kit, spread through social channels, and circulated to future press pitches to continue gaining traction.

Get the Word Out and Amplify Your Brand

  • Accelerate your entry into the marketplace by creating brand awareness for Yonomi

  • Position Yonomi and its app as unique and useful in the market

  • Develop a tagline or 2 -3 key words to differentiate Yonomi's offer

  • Analyze the variety of potential users and devise individual strategies to reach them (i.e., early adopters, suburbanites, gadget enthusiasts, etc.)

  • Create messaging and pitches for Yonomi's persona and its product

  • Create a media strategy for calls, media interviews and meetings

  • Connect you with the influencers in your industry

  • Secure press for Yonomi in regional media

  • Secure media placement in top general interest national magazines and newspapers

  • Write a guest column for magazines read by your target audiences

  • Introduce you to top bloggers to share your story and get coverage

  • Secure speaking engagements and panels to grow your exposure

  • Promote you as an interesting guest on panels with a perspective on the industry

Examples of work:

  • Develop company messaging and positioning statements to differentiate your company in the marketplace (1.5 hrs; This creates the template from which all your messaging will originate in the future)

  • Develop a PR analysis for your potential markets, and strategies to reach them (3 hrs; This researches where your company should be featured and how to get coverage)

  • Create 5 distinct pitches for your company and its services addressed to different audiences (2 hrs; Customizing your message to each audience so that you can present appropriately to each)

  • Develop your company's "story" that gets the media interested in featuring your company (1 hr; Coming up with the story that the company is known for builds interest)

  • Write one press release, optimized for wire service distribution (2 hrs; after a press release is distributed on a wire service, it gets picked up by search engines and spread on the internet, improving your search results)

  • Research and compile a list of top construction / homebuilding / real estate publications to pitch. By searching for magazines, newsletters, blogs, newspapers, and other media who are interested in topics you can write about, you can strike up relationships with industry content providers which will increase your visibility and credibility (3 hrs)

  • Pitch Yonomi to those publications with the objective of placing pieces such as by-lined articles, contributions, opinion pieces, how-to articles, and advice columns (various; depending on target number of pieces published)

  • Create an online Press Kit to collect and feature pieces written by or about the company (2 hrs; having professional materials ready such as photos, bios, copy and past press builds your credibility as a solidly established and trusted company)

Marketing & Social Media

Through psychographic research and planning, we can determine who the first, second, and third wave of Yonomi users (and fans) are and more effectively reach them. It is pivotal in understanding what motivates them and how to influence them. When you reach your niche market and create momentum, your customers will begin marketing for you through word of mouth.

Be Strategic in Conquering the Marketplace

  • Design the overall integrated marketing strategy to include weekly, monthly, and quarterly milestones

  • Determine an overarching social media strategy and messages for the company to cover the social sphere consistently

  • Assess your needs for online and offline marketing platforms (i.e., email marketing software, blog, website, mailing list, press kit, etc.) and make recommendations

  • Create vignettes from real-life usage of the app, to show people how this app makes their life better/more fun/easier

  • Research and create "personas" of potential users in order to more effectively reach them

  • Design an affinity marketing program to create potential partnerships who share the same customers

  • Create an editorial calendar and plan out the content strategy

  • Review communications and landing pages for marketability and conversion

  • Reserve Yonomi handle on any other relevant social media channels

  • Create customer engagement by actively participating and cross-promoting the company on online sites, boards, discussion forums, and social media outlets

  • Daily monitoring of social media channels and responses to inquiries

  • Assess current social media channels and note ideas for improvement

  • Set up posting schedule for all social media accounts

What Can Good PR Do For Your App?

With 1.3 million apps in the Google Play Store and 1.2 million apps in the Apple App store (Source: Statista) its hard to stand out. Being featured in a story a reader cares enough to read is a much more effective endorsement than an advertisement is.

How Useful is Social Media Marketing?

  • 27% of total U.S. internet time is spent on social networking sites (Source: Experian)

  • Social media produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC (Source: HubSpot)

  • 15% of total U.S. mobile internet time is spent on social networking sites (Source: Experian)