Respiratory Syncytical Virus

RSV wanted for infecting and killing of the youth.

Virus specifics

RSV infects or targets epithelial cells in the body. the RSV virus is a lytic virus so it will be ver had to get rid of. it has a diameter of 50nm and 1-10nm height depending on how developed the virus is. I found that the main outbreak of this virus was here in the us and it wasn't that big of an outbreak.

how to stay healthy

it is spread when someone with the virus sneezes or coughs on or near someone you can get the disease that way. the other way is when they touch you and you don't wash your hands and then touch you face you will get it that way. If you have children that are from 0-10 the best way to keep them from getting it is by washing your hands constantly and limit touching. The symptoms areCoughing sneezing, runny nose, lose of appetite, trouble sleeping fever, and sore throat.

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