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Kilgore Intermediate School, Week of February 8-12

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PLC Norms...A Sweet Reminder!

The Spring can be stressful for various reasons. Please notice that not only is this reminder a repeat from last week's newsletter, but moved to the top of the list this week. In all the excitement, chaos, business, etc., please remain committed, not only to your students, but also to your PLC. Keep focused on what is important and our true purpose.

1. We will be prepared and on-time to meetings. We will stay fully engaged and on-task throughout each meeting.

2. We will contribute equally to the workload and share ideas. We will listen respectfully and consider matters from another’s perspective.

3. We will maintain a positive, professional tone at our meetings. We will support and encourage one another and have open, honest conversations.

Please bring the following information to our meeting on Tuesday to share with your PLC.

5th Grade Math: TEKS 5.4B, D-F

  • lead4ward Academic Vocabulary - Nicole
  • lead4ward Scaffolding Document - Kristy
  • lead4ward Released Questions - Andrea
  • lead4ward Field Guide - John
  • Region 13 TEKS Math - Kelly

5th Grade ELAR: TEKS 5.11C,E

  • lead4ward Academic Vocabulary - Randi
  • lead4ward Scaffolding Document - Cindy
  • lead4ward Released Questions - Rachel & Stacy
  • lead4ward Field Guide - Anna

5th Grade Science: TEKS 5.7C-D and 4.7C

  • lead4ward Academic Vocabulary - Cathy
  • lead4ward Scaffolding Document - Wendy
  • lead4ward Released Questions - Sheree
  • lead4ward Field Guide - Angel

4th Grade ELAR: Revising & Editing, Expository Writing

  • Student work samples from last week to share with PLC
  • Ideas for CSI (Feb. 19), Writing Fair (Feb. 29-Mar. 3), Saturday Writing Camp (Mar. 19), and STAAR Review (Mar. 14-25)

4th Grade Math: TEKS 4.3E,F, G

  • lead4ward Academic Vocabulary - Liz
  • lead4ward Scaffolding Document - Brenda, Angela, and Sarah
  • lead4ward Released Questions - Amanda
  • lead4ward Field Guide - Lana & Melody

Planning Day Agenda

5th Grade Math

  • Expressions and Equations (5.4B,D-F) - one week behind on scope and sequence

5th Grade ELAR/SS

  • Biographies and Black History Inventor Research Project Continued
  • Organizational Pattern of a Text and Making Connections (5.11C,E)

5th Grade Science

  • New Unit - Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources, Conservation/Recycling, Fossil Fuels/Alternative Energy (5.7C-D and 4.7C)

4th Grade ELAR/SS

  • Revising and Editing
  • Expository Writing

4th Grade Math/Science

  • Fractions - Number Lines, Benchmarks, Adding & Subtracting - (4.3E, F, G)
  • Science

Data Day Agenda

5th Grade Math

  • Share "Who Am I?"
  • Discuss resources for TEKS 5.4B,D-F

5th Grade ELAR/SS

  • Share "Who Am I?"
  • Discuss resources for TEKS 5.11C,E

5th Grade Science

  • Share "Who Am I?"
  • Develop Common Grade for 5.7A-B, 4.7A*, 3.7A
  • Discuss resources for upcoming unit.

4th Grade ELAR/SS

  • Share "Who Am I?"
  • Share student work samples of expository writing, revising and editing
  • Plan for CSI (Feb. 19), Writing Fair (Feb. 29-Mar. 3), Saturday Camp (Mar. 19), and STAAR Review (Mar. 14-25)

4th Grade Math/Science

  • Share "Who Am I?"
  • Discuss resources for TEKS 4.3E,F,G
  • Science scope and sequence

Available Resources

Last week we brainstormed instructional resources we have available to us and created a Google document. As you think of additional resources that we may have forgotten to list, please add them to the document.

High Yield Instructional Strategy of the Week

Who Am I?

Instructional Steps:

  1. Students and the teacher determine 6-10 terms that are the most difficult for the current unit.
  2. Students secretly select one term from the list and write their word on a post it note.
  3. Keeping the word hidden, students place the post it note on a partner's forehead.
  4. Students MIX-FREEZE-GROUP to find a new partner and ask, "Who Am I?"
  5. Student partners communicate 1 or 2 clues (describe, explain, examples, etc.) at a time about the word on their partner's forehead.
  6. Students synthesize all clues to make an inference about which word they have.
  7. If the friend cannot guess his word, his partner finds another friend to come help give clues.
  8. Play 2-3 rounds of the game so that each student is exposed to 2-3 difficult terms.

Thinking (Process TEKS Rigor):



Draw Conclusions


Make Connections

Good Reads...

What can I do for you?

Please let me know if I can help you in any way. I am here to support you and will do whatever I can to assist you in achieving success for all students.

Christy McElyea, KIS Instructional Specialist

I believe in you.

I believe in our students.

I believe in KIS.

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