CSD News

Volume 1 Issue 5 | February 2021

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About CSD

Superintendent's Greetings & District Updates

Hello everyone! We have officially completed our first semester of school. Thanks to our teachers, administrators, and support staff for ensuring our students receive quality instruction.

We also want to take the time to give a special thank you to our bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and custodians. They have gone above and beyond each day. They start their days early and end them late. Our bus drivers ensure our students arrive at school safely each day. Some of them complete multiple routes for CTE, Meals on Wheels, and helping out when someone cannot complete a route. Thank you. Our cafeteria workers ensure our students receive breakfast and lunch each day. They deliver meals to classrooms, and they prepare meals for delivery to our virtual students. Our custodians ensure our facilities are clean. They go the extra mile to complete disinfecting early in the morning and late afternoon when everyone is gone. They ensure we keep hand sanitizer in dispensers and other cleaning supplies that are needed. To our bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and custodians, we can never say thank you enough. We appreciate all that you do each day. I encourage all of our students, employees, and community members to thank our bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and custodians for the work they do each day.

We had a productive Community Meeting on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, at Cleveland Central Middle School. Thanks to everyone who attended. We look forward to more participation at our next meeting.

Thanks for your support of the Cleveland School District, where Learning is Essential for All.

CSD Announces our Administrator and Teacher of the Year for the 2020-2021 School Year

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School Updates

Bell Academy

Wow! I can hardly believe we have completed the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year. Our vision is to provide a quality education to every child, everyday in order to develop a community of lifelong learners who are productive citizens. During the first semester, our staff and students worked diligently to close achievement gaps. Through administering benchmark assessments and universal screening assessments, teachers were able to identify students' misconceptions and provide individualized instruction based on individual student achievement data. By providing differentiated instruction, teachers have the ability to meet the students where they are performing and provide instruction to close achievement gaps. In analyzing our data, we are seeing tremendous gains in student achievement. As a result, our students are meeting and exceeding expectations. This has taken a commitment of partnership from faculty and staff members, students, and parents.

Celebrating Accelerated Reader Achievements

Accelerated Reader is a computer program that helps teachers manage and monitor children’s independent reading practice. Throughout each nine weeks, the students choose books on their independent reading level and complete a quiz to measure comprehension. Each month, the students in each classroom with the highest comprehension and most words read are invited to lunch with the principal in the lunch courtyard. During December, the students enjoyed happy meals from McDonald's. At the end of the nine weeks, those students who achieve their AR goals are also celebrated. We are very proud of our students' achievement and dedication to increasing their reading abilities!


Positive Behavior Intervention Support is a proactive approach used to improve school safety and promote positive behavior. Each month, students are nominated by their teacher to be named Jaguar of the Month for their class. The students are nominated based on positive behavior shown by being safe, respectful, and responsible.

Teacher and Staff Member of the Month

While each teacher and staff member go over and beyond each month, the faculty and staff vote monthly for two individuals to receive this honor. The staff members not only vote for the teacher and staff member of the month, but they must also provide specific detail as to why the staff member is deserving of the honor. Mrs. Teresa Pentecost was named Teacher of the Month, while Abbey Cowart was named Staff Member of the Month.

Professional Learning Communities

Each Monday, the teachers of Bell Academy participate in professional development within their professional learning communities. While each professional development is tailored to meet teachers' needs in the professional learning community, the focus topics remain consistent across grade levels focusing on small group instruction and student feedback. The staff is committed to growing as professionals in an effort to provide instruction to enhance student achievement. When staff members work together to share knowledge and expertise, mountains are moved!

As you can see, we had an amazing first semester. We look forward to the second semester and celebrating the future achievements of our staff and students.

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Mrs. Jackie Montgomery (3rd Grade ELA teacher), Mrs. Jamie Bramuchi (Kindergarten teacher), and Ms. Niesha Lewis (First Grade Assistant) provide individualized small group instruction within the classroom setting.

Hayes Cooper Center

The students of Hayes Cooper Center always look forward to their fifth-grade year with Mrs. Melanie Bray because of Literature Circles. We all know that the more a student reads, the better reader they become. Literature Circles pique our students' interest in reading. Literature Circles are structured groups of students who gather and discuss a book of choice. They are similar to book clubs, but they are intentionally designed by the classroom instructor, Mrs. Bray. The students begin by choosing a chapter book, and they are grouped according to preference. Students are then given the roles of Discussion Director, Connector, Correspondent, Illustrator, and Word Finder. The roles change each week, and students gain reading comprehension and fluency, increase fluency, and make connections. Overall, the main goal is for students to have thoughtful discussions about literature. Mrs. Bray shared, "Literature Circles allows children to pick their own book and then discuss the book with others. It helps me create a love for reading, which I want for all of my students. It's a long-standing tradition that our upper-grade Patriots look forward to for their fifth-grade year, and we are proud of how it increases their love for literature.

H.M. Nailor Elementary

Wow! January went by so fast! Nevertheless, the month of January has been productive at H.M. Nailor Elementary. To kick off the New Year, staff members were presented with 21Tips for a Positive New Year by Jon Gordon.

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With the 21 Tips for a Positive New Year in mind, the staff is continuing to work hard on their book study focused on Small Group Instruction. Each week, the teachers conduct PLCs for their peers using the text Making the Most of Small Group Instruction. Teachers also use peer-reviewed articles to study from as well.

Not only are the teachers working hard, so are the students! Students, homeroom classes, and teachers are recognized on a weekly basis for their achievements in Accelerated Reading. Even our virtual kindergarten students have been recognized!

Shout-out to Ms. Smith for blessing the staff with cupcakes and pinwheels. It is always a good feeling to be recognized and appreciated.

This month we raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Ms. Tiara Ford spearheaded the fundraiser. The students really enjoyed the activities and we raised $1,062 in 1 week!!!

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To expose our Pk-2nd grade students to college and career readiness, the PBIS committee hosted College Day. On this day, students were allowed to wear college apparel. The school counselor and teachers also taught mini-lessons on college and career readiness and discussed their educational journey and career with the students.

Goodbye January, Hello February!

Parks Elementary

Academic Team:

Academic Team met on Wednesday, January 20th to discuss the following items:

Technology and Fixed Assets will complete a school-wide audit scan of fixed assets on Monday, Jan. 25th.

Our Quarterly Parent Night was completed in December with Virtual Readings of different Christmas/Winter stories. These stories were shared via social media for our students.

1st Semester Awards Day will be February 11 (the last day before winter break). Virtual and Face to Face students will receive awards as applies. We will broadcast the event for parents since they are not allowed on campus at this time.

Our School MTSS Coordinator has been working diligently to address Attendance issues with students. She has been in contact with parents and working on attendance contracts to make sure students are at school ready to learn!

Behavior Team:

PBIS Bear Bucks Party will be on February 5 for all of our first semester Face to Face kids. Teachers are continuing to pass out Bear Bucks and Jean Passes as incentives.

Our Staff Team building for January will be a virtual game night played through Zoom. All staff that wish to participate will log in after school.

Community Team:

All of our teachers have been spending their Amazon gift cards for classroom supplies that St. Luke graciously donated to all certified teachers. This has helped our teachers to get extra supplies in for their classroom. We are extremely grateful for their generous gift.

The Multicultural Committee has been working on our Black History Program. Our Black History Program will be virtual on Wednesday, February 24th at 1 p.m. We will show it to the classes. We will also have a weekly Black History trivia contest that relates to the state of Mississippi. (Two per week-Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Garden Grant Team has been working with the Master Gardner’s Association. With the beginning of the new year comes the sowing of seeds! While we wait for the winter months to pass, the gardening committee at Parks and Bolivar Master Gardeners are preparing to unveil a hands-on curriculum for grades Pre-K through 6th that incorporates the planting of microgreens and hypes our students up to get involved in gardening. On February 1st, Parks teachers will have the opportunity to train virtually with a fellow Cleveland School District teacher, Ms. Joni Hernandez-Speck, who is a microgreens wiz and fellow ecology enthusiast.

Pearman Elementary

Greetings from Cowboy Country!

“Laissez les bon temps rouler” We are “letting the good times roll" all second semester long in Cowboy Country.

As we prepare to enter the second semester, we are working diligently to plan to welcome over 50 of our virtual students back into the building. We are planning to welcome them back with a bang with our February theme of “Let the Good Times Roll!” with the incorporation of Mardi Gras themed activities to celebrate and educate our students on the culture and traditions of New Orleans and Mobile.

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Academic Excellence

We are making great strides in growing and learning to ensure all students are ACHIEVING and meeting their goals. Some of this month’s accomplishments are the addition of four new AR Millionaires! Congratulations to Jasiah Slaughter, Mariah Gerzon, Callie Lamb, and Chakira White for reaching such an academic milestone.

Congratulations to Ms. Candrese Jones and her 6th graders for having the Most Words and Highest Comprehension for AR and Mrs. Kim Wardlow and her 5th graders for having the Most Books Read since returning to school in January!

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Culture and Climate

The Second Annual Coronation of Mr. and Miss Pearman Elementary will be held February 3, 2021 at 6:00 pm in the Pearman Cafeteria. Due to COVID regulations, participants will be allowed four (4) guests. We will live stream our ceremony on our social media accounts and post for our Cowboy families to enjoy.

Cowboy Country All-Stars

January’s All Star Teachers

Mrs. Little (1st Grade) and Mrs. Stanciel-Williams (Interventionist)

Mrs. Kayla Little is our first grade teacher who has been a devoted member of our Pearman family for multiple years. She is the wife of Mr. Josh Little and mother of two beautiful girls Devan and Harper.

Mrs. Grace Stanciel-Williams is one of our wonderful reading interventionists who is a true team player and devoted educator in Cowboy Country! She is a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother.

D. M. Smith Elementary


The faculty and staff of D. M. Smith Elementary School are preparing for a great end to the first semester. The principal and assistant principal have home visits planned as we welcome our students who have changed their instructional option to traditional. Grade level chairs are planning parent data meetings to ensure our valued stakeholders are knowledgeable of expectations for our students in regard to IReady, district common assessments, and upcoming MAAP testing. With the support of our parents, success will be inevitable.

Dates to remember:

● January 27, 2021—IReady Standards Mastery

● February 2-5, 2021—Semester exams

● February 8, 2021—Official start of 3rd term/Instructional Option Change

● February 12 and 15, 2021—Winter Break

● February 19, 2021—Virtual Black History Program Video


January teacher of the month is Ms. Earlisia Simmons (3rd grade ELA). Ms. Simmons embodies the spirit of excellence and work diligently to help D. M. Smith achieve its mission to W.I.N. This novice educator works tirelessly to create a challenging, nurturing environment for her students. She fosters a sense of community with her peers and within her classroom. The mutual respect in this teacher’s classroom provides a supportive, collaborative environment. To attain this high honor, Ms. Simmons did the following:

● Provided high quality virtual and face-to-face instruction;

● Submitted all required paperwork accurately and on time;

● Was in attendance and prompt each day since the start of school;

● Fulfilled all duty obligations

● Conducted all grade-level departmental meetings


The making of successful kids and successful schools usually share a secret ingredient: supportive parents! D. M. Smith parent of the week, Ms. Jasmine Thomas, supports her children and the teachers of D. M. Smith. Students and their schools both rely on parents to help them be their best. Parents like Jasmine make academic success that much more attainable.


The gifted students at D. M. Smith Elementary, under the leadership of Mrs. Lauren Williams, studied each continent and created artifacts of cultural relevance such as Asian origami and more.


Virtual instruction and face-to-face instruction continues to improve. Students receive direct, teacher-led instruction each day, whether their instructional option is online or traditional.

Cleveland Central Middle School

Technology Student Association (TSA) is proud to announce the CCMS Competing Team and Officers for the 2020-2021 school year.

President: Alyanna McGee

Vice-President: J'Niyah Stallion

Treasure: Savie Smith

Secretary: Keelie Moon

Sergeant at Arms: Colleen Gonzalez

Reporter: Savannah Woods

Competing Members

Jocelin Camacho

Isaiah Gerson

Isabella Givens

Spencer Goodlett

Jordan Hickman

Kameron Williams

TSA Advisors

Mrs. Kemeya Richardson, Primary Advisor

Mr. Obbie James, Advisor

Mrs. Tiffany Robinson, Advisor

Mrs. Vivian Wilder, Advisor

Ms. Lequetta Williams, Advisor

*Be Respectful * Be Responsible *Be Safe

Have you heard about the class competitions that are beginning for our virtual and face-to-face students?

Classes will be given a chance to work together to earn points from a list of expectations. The class with the greatest number of points at the end of the month wins and will be rewarded for their hard work as a team.

Also, just a little reminder, no referrals equal an entry. Every week you go without a written referral you earn an entry into the raffle for a PS5 or an apple device that will be given away at the end of the year.

Students of the Month

Students of the Month are chosen for exhibiting outstanding character and CCMS citizenship. The Students of the Month for January are:

Pack 7A (7th Grade Virtual)

Jocelyn Brown

Julissa Hunter

Kylon Tucker

Pack 8B (8th Grade Face-to-Face)

Tanika Durden

Quentarious Roundtree

Power Talks

“Power Talks” have been a Monday custom at CCMS. What is a power talk? Power talks are conducted on the first school day of the week. This usually takes place in the gym, but due to the pandemic, power talks are given over the intercom. The term power talk is self-explanatory. It is a message that helps students realize that they have the power inside of them to make a positive change in their lives. This change can occur for all students no matter what attributes, success, and talents that they possess because everyone has room for improvement. Many times, our students have to be reminded that they possess this type of power. Some of our students and some adults as well think that life will always be what life is because that is how life has been for them. In our power talks, we communicate to students that change simply occurs when one decides to reallocate their time to a different activity. In our most recent power talk, “You are what you do”, the students were shown the connection between one’s activity and their reality or position in life. Some examples given to students is that students who are good at video games are good because they spend lots of time playing them. Individuals who are in shape, for the most part, is because they exercise regularly and have a healthy diet. Most students excel at a particular sport, activity or music is because they spend their time with this activity. The message is that you are what you do. I ended the talk by telling the students if you want to be a good student, study. If you want to be a great athlete, practice. If you want to a good citizen, be kind and helpful to others. I tell my students to be the change that you want to see because you are what you do and you have that power.

Cleveland Central High School

CCHS had a great January

Our teachers do a great job! They continue to push students and provide unique learning opportunities.

Ms. Kandies Zoology II class dissecting frogs

Mrs. Hardy’s World History Classes created their own “Picasso Paintings” while studying Modern art during the Roaring 20’s.

CCHS hosted a wide range of events in November

We celebrated our Seniors on the Bowling Team

Baseball, Fast-pitch Softball, Track, Archery, and Powerlifting will be starting their seasons soon.

CCHS senior soccer player, Tyler Townsend was selected for the All Star State Soccer Game and received offers from college soccer programs.

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Students enjoyed a snow day on January 11

CCHS is looking forward to a great February. We will start our second semester on Feb. 8. We will have PTSO meetings and Sports Booster Club meetings each month. Look at our Facebook page for dates and times.

There are 4 simple things students can do each day to be successful. 1. Come to school regularly. 2. Get to class on time. 3. Do all of your classwork. 4. Follow all classroom rules.

We want to thank our students, parents, faculty, and staff for making CCHS the top high school in the region. Follow us on Facebook. #wolfpack

Go Wolves!

Cleveland Career Development & Technology Center


During this week of class, students returned from an unexpected snow day. Engineering II students are currently on a new unit, Electrical Systems. In the Electrical System unit, students are learning the basics of an electrical unit. Students have been able to identify electrical circuits running in a series & parallel circuits. Students also were given a brief history of the electrical system. Students were able to identify terms associated with electricity and apply those terms to science and engineering. In the picture below is a photo of the Law of charges. I used this excerpt from our book for this unit, “Electrical Principles and Practices” 4th edition, to give students a visual representation of the Law of charges.

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Students are furthering their knowledge of CAD. This week I challenged students to draw as many shapes in a 2D and 3D format as accurately as possible without having grid paper (proper paper used to sketch). This activity was used to see if students could sketch shapes commonly used in the Computer Aid Design field without having an outline to follow. Students were given a list of names of different prisms, trapezoids, and ellipses to draw out. Students will apply their knowledge to 3D print a shape independently in the coming weeks, with accurate measurements and precise surfaces. In the pictures below, you will see the students’ progress throughout the week with sketching shapes. Kayla Gibson, Instructor.

Markelen Morton Sketches throughout the week

Lamarrius Eatmon Sketch

Health Science

Health Science has had a busy month this December. Hannah Brown (pictured below), second-year Health Care and Clinical Services, is being celebrated as the Future World Changer for December.

We attended the virtual HOSA -Future Health ProfessionalsFall Leadership Conference on December 9, 2020.

Pictured from left to right: Marcus Lewis, Shaniya B. Jackson, and Yaacelyn Luckett.

Health Care and Clinical Services, Early Childhood and Law and Public Safety year two participated in our Junior Master Wellness Program. Pictured is Laura Jane Giaccaglia with Mississippi State Extension presenting information on substance abuse.

We enjoyed our Christmas break and are back at it, ready to learn. Paula Sington, Instructor

Law & Public Safety

Students in Law and Public Safety Year I are currently learning the roles and responsibilities of the police under the History of Law Enforcement. This week students have learned rules for conducting a traffic stop. Students were excited to hear and watch videos of basic traffic stop, felony traffic stop and how to control risk factors during a traffic stop. The students will perform a skill test by creating a Flipgrid video next week to explain the steps of conducting a traffic stop. Year II Law and Public Safety students are researching the requirements for Emergency Medical Responders. Students have learned the importance of patient care and protections as it relates to HIPAA. Year II students understands the importance of the 911 system of many public safety agencies working together to provide safety, protection, and preventive measure to the general public. Students took part in an Asthma Awareness presentation from Mississippi State University, Junior Master Wellness Program. Valerie Wilbert Instructor.

Automotive Technology

Micheal Warren removed and replaced brake pads and brake rotors.

Myles Jenkin, Marcuse Idelburg, and Clayton Taylor are repairing an oil leak. The students drained the oil and removed and replaced the valve cover gasket. After, removing the valve cover gasket the students added fresh oil, replaced the oil filter, and replaced the drain plug. George White, Instructor


Greetings from the Walter Robinson Achievement Center. The holidays are over and January found the WRAC regrouping and preparing to resume the work of reaching its goals. Our focus remains to reduce recidivism, increase academic skills, ensure students are college and work ready, and promote positive behavior through Character Education.

In January, the WRAC collaborated with the Career Development and Technology Center. Construction students came to the WRAC to put together study carrels for us. Thanks to them, WRAC students will be able to work with less risk of interruption. This collaboration helps us to attain one of our goals, to increase academic skills.

Of course, In January our PBIS program resumed. Our PBIS program is used as an incentive program for positive behavior. Students may earn “bucks” to use in the “store” and enjoy other perks such as ice cream or popcorn on occasion. We also use PBIS programs to reinforce appropriate behavior.

The WRAC observed Martin Luther King Jr. Day through discussions and reflections on how we can change our attitudes and behaviors to help him reach the dream he mentioned in his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. The WRAC also observed Board Appreciation Week by collaborating with the CCDTC in putting together a gift basket for our chosen member of the board. We really do appreciate the work the board does in making the Cleveland School District one of the best in the delta.

The WRAC seeks to provide a well-rounded education, and that includes a wellness program. As part of that program, the WRAC has received and will start using stand-up desks. It is becoming more and more understood that excessive sitting is the “new” smoking. Now, teachers and students will have the option of sitting and/or standing while working.

College and Work Ready Preparedness

Counselor Jefferson is collaborating with Mrs. E. Jackson, the Student Services Coordinator at the CCDTC by providing Work Keys assessments; which give students a standard measure of workplace skills.

Counselor Jefferson will also begin the college application process with CCHS seniors we serve. He will assist them in applying to our local community colleges.

Student & Teacher Artwork

Department Updates


Our Winter sports are coming to an end and we are excited about the strong finish to all of their seasons.


  • Girls and Boys are both battling to make the playoffs and have a good shot to advance.


  • The Boys season has come to an end due to COVID and the Girls are wrapping up their year as well.


  • Bowling will host Regionals at Harmony Lanes on Jan. 25

Spring Sports

  • Our spring sports are right around the corner and they have been working really hard and ready to get their seasons underway.

Upcoming Events for February:


  • Feb. 13 at Kosciusko
  • Feb. 18 at South Panola Tourny
  • Feb. 26 vs South Panola
  • Feb. 27 at Olive Branch


  • Feb. 13 at Senatobia
  • Feb. 22 vs Holmes Co.
  • Feb. 23 vs Grenada
  • Feb. 26 vs Oxford

Good luck to all of our teams and athletes!



Welcome February and Happy Black History Month!! The business office is continually working, as the first goal of our strategic plan, to find ways to maximize the use of all available resources and determine cost savings to provide the maximum benefit to the education of the students in the district. One of the ways we do this is by ensuring all eligible employees participate in the statewide SBAC (School-Based Administrative Claiming) program quarterly surveys to receive federal funds that are endorsed by MDE and DOM (Division of Medicaid). For Quarter 3, 2020, the district was able to claim $13,074.00, in program funds through the participation of those employees who were selected and completed their surveys. Thanks to the Cleveland School District staff for your support!

Child Nutrition

Meals on Wheels Flyer
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February Breakfast Menu for all Schools
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February Lunch Menu for Elementary Schools
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February Lunch Menu for CCMS
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February Lunch Menu for CCHS
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CSD Early Learning Collaborative

The Cleveland ELC partnered with Save the Children’s Growing Readers in MS initiative to

promote early literacy. All pre-k through kindergarten students in the district will receive 8 books

each to add to their home libraries. Our children have been busy with learning face to face and virtually, because 4-k paves the way!

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CSD Parent & Teacher Resource Center


305 Sunflower Road



Hours of Operation

Monday-Wednesday 8 am - 5 pm

Thursday 8 am - 5:30 pm

Friday 8 am- 4 pm

Curriculum & Instruction

Professional Development

The CSD Curriculum and Instruction Department will provide district wide professional development sessions in February on small group instruction, writing, distance learning, and effective feedback. During the distance learning session, we will discuss new resources, Nearpod and Plickers, and how to implement them into instruction. The CSD Curriculum and Instruction Department will also provide content sessions for grades 2nd-8th in the areas of math, science, and ELA. Sessions will be open for 2nd grade teachers in math and ELA. Sessions are now open to all teachers in the district who teach in these grade level/subject areas.

2020-2021 District-Wide Spelling Bee

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District-Wide Spelling Bee will be Tuesday, February 2nd at 6:00 pm in the CCHS Auditorium. Social distancing guidelines will be followed. Each participant will be allowed to bring two family members, and the Spelling Bee will be live-streamed on YouTube so that everyone can watch and enjoy!

Cleveland School District School Spelling Bee Winners

Pearman Elementary

1. Jordan Gerzon

2. Stephany Becerril

Mallory Chandler, Building Spelling Bee Coordinator

Hayes Cooper Center

1. Rehan Reza

2. Tom Foster

Jennifer Shy, Building Spelling Bee Coordinator

DM Smith Elementary

1. Kylon Thompson

2. Laila Maddox

Elizabeth Simpson, Building Spelling Bee Coordinator

Bell Academy

1. Psario Self

2. Arlin Brown

Penni Morgan

Nailor Elementary

1. Tristan Thompson

2. Ethan Baldwin

Thelma Cartwright, Building Spelling Bee Coordinator

Parks Elementary

1. Jacob Manger

2. Cristian Place

Debbie Bullock, Building Spelling Bee Coordinator


1. Dawn Flowers

2. Jemiya Nixon

Pam Jones, Building Spelling Bee Coordinator

Federal Programs

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Human Resources

  • Cleveland School District welcomes new hires: Ms. O'kieveya Burnett (Federal Programs), Ms. Temekal Sanders (Transportation), and Ms. Catherine McKnight (Nailor Elementary). Welcome to the Cleveland School District.
  • Winter Break Observance February 12-15, 2021

Employee Spotlight Mrs. Nakita Goins, Cleveland Central High School

Hometown: Drew, Mississippi

Alma Mater: Drew High School-1998

Delta State University- Bachelor's Degree - 2002

Delta State University- Master's Degree - 2004

Delta State University - Specialist's Degree - 2013

Position: CCHS Lead Counselor and 12th Grade Counselor /National Board Certified School Counselor and National Board Certified Counselor- 2009

What you like most about your job: It is the relationship building for me. I truly believe that I have the potential to positively impact everyone in our school. I enjoy getting to know students, their families as well as my fellow co-workers. I love empowering students and assisting them in identifying a life path as they grow and build a critical foundation for their lives as adults.

Hobbies: If I am not at Target, I love to spend my time at home with my family, cooking, and baking.

Fun fact about yourself: A few years ago, I tried to conquer my fear of rollercoasters by riding one. Let me tell you, that was a bad idea!! It was me and the Lord up there! I am still deathly afraid, and I will NEVER! When you see me, ask me to tell you the full story!!


Below are a list of Maintenance Division Projects:

  • Pest Control Services for classrooms and offices from January to June 2021.
  • CCMS Library blower motor has been replaced.
  • CCHS plumbing fixtures are on order for Ceramic classroom.
  • D. M. Smith Elementary school sign has been installed.
  • D. M. Smith Elementary main water line has been repaired.
  • D. M. Smith Elementary New Wing classrooms HVAC controls are on order.
  • Nailor Elementary gas line, water line, and courtyard drain line has been repaired.
  • Handheld Electrostatic Sprayers training was conducted for custodians.
  • More Handheld Electrostatic, and Backpack Sprayers are on order.

Special Services

Special Education Corner

Child Find

All school districts in Mississippi participate in an ongoing statewide effort to identify and evaluate children from birth through twenty-one years of age who may have disabilities and who are not currently receiving special education services. Parents, service agencies, preschool teachers, physicians, or any other concerned individual may refer a child to the Child Find Coordinator of their local school district. Once a referral is made, it is the responsibility of the Child Find Coordinator to insure that the Mississippi Referral-to-Placement process is implemented in order to determine a child's eligibility for services.

Before a child is evaluated, written prior notice is given to the parents and procedural safeguards as well as parents' rights are explained. After parental permission for testing is obtained, a nondiscriminatory evaluation is conducted. Children are evaluated in all areas related to the suspected disability.

If a child is determined eligible for special education services, parents are notified and an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed for that child. Parents must sign consent for placement prior to the child's receiving any special services. Services provided by each school district include speech/language therapy, services for autism, brain-injuries, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, visual and hearing impairments, developmental delays, physical disabilities (including ADHD), emotional disabilities, and multiple disabilities.

If you have any questions regarding our Child Find Process please email m.williams@cleveland.k12.ms.us.

Shaw Medical Spotlight

Mary Bolden MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Mary Bolden is a Family Nurse Practitioner at Shaw Family Medical and Gough Family Medical. This school year she had the opportunity to take the lead role as Administrator for Shaw Family Medical School-Based Clinics within the Cleveland School District.

A proud graduate of Walden University Family Nurse Practitioner Program where she maintained a 4.0 grade point average throughout the program. She had the opportunity to work in many settings including primary care, pediatrics, and OB/GYN, etc. She also has nine years of experience as a Certified Hemodialysis Registered Nurse at Fresenius Medical Care. Mary has nineteen years of nursing experience in the following settings: Primary Care, LTAC, Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Med/Surgical, Pediatrics, Clinical setting, Hospital setting, Telemetry, OB/GYN and Rehabilitation. Her previous job placements developed her strong foundation in all areas of nursing. She is a devoted health care provider within the CSD.

She was eager to embark on her new journey as Administrator of Shaw Family Medical School-Based Clinics to meet the needs of the diverse population within the Cleveland School District.

Speech-Language Corner

Cleveland School District Speech-Language Pathologists are working hard helping students across the district to improve speech and language skills including articulation, language, voice, fluency. Each monthly newsletter will highlight an area of communication. This month we will talk about Articulation.

WHAT IS ARTICULATION? Articulation is how you say the sounds within the words. A child with an articulation delay/disorder has difficulty producing one or some sounds.

Why is it important to treat articulation?

Treating articulation improves a child’s ability to be understood by adults and peers. With the expertise of the SLP and the hard work of the child and family, most articulation disorders can be remediated.

There are things parents can do at home to encourage good articulation skills. SLPs can provide recommendations based on each child’s needs.

Take a walk: Find objects with your child’s target sound. Have them practice saying these words using their best speech.

Read a book: Have your child find their target sounds and practice saying them correctly.

Dental Health Month

Tips for Maintaining Your Child’s Oral Health

  • Schedule routine check-ups. If it’s been more than six months since your child has seen a dentist, schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
  • Clean your baby’s gums daily. Until those teeth come in gently wipe a damp washcloth over the gums to clear away harmful bacteria after each feeding.
  • Start brushing with the first tooth. Begin brushing your baby’s teeth when you see one coming in with an infant toothbrush. Use water and a tiny bit of fluoride toothpaste (about the size of a grain of rice).
  • Brush twice each day for two minutes. Children ages 2-6 should use a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. Always supervise kids younger than six years old while brushing, as they are more likely to swallow toothpaste.
  • Begin flossing. Once your child’s teeth touch, you can start flossing in between them.
  • Snack healthy! Fruit juice, sports drinks, fruit snacks, and sticky candies all pose serious threats to your child’s teeth. Give kids calcium-rich snacks like cheese or low-sugar yogurt. If you have to resort to candy – a chocolate bar is preferable to gummy or sticky sweets that can lodged in between the teeth, even after brushing.
  • Keep them hydrated! Avoid sugary drinks and stick to good old-fashioned water. Water helps to rinse away any sugar or particles that can lead to cavities. Many municipal water sources also contain fluoride, which is recommended by the American Dental Association and U.S. Surgeons General, among others, as an efficient way to prevent tooth decay. In fact, the theme of this year’s National Children’s Dental Health Month is celebrating 75 years of water fluoridation.
  • Replace your child’s toothbrush every three to four months.

CSD Health Services American Heart Month

Celebrate Wear RED DAY! February 5, 2021

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. The good news is that you can lower your risk of getting it or having a stroke by doing the following things.

  • Ask your doctor about your blood pressure, cholesterol, and A1C.
  • Reduce the sodium, and increase the fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet.
  • Be physically active.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Manage stress.
  • Keep your diabetes under control


The Technology Department has closed approximately 153 work orders this month.

We have installed new Wi-Fi access points in the following locations:

● Pearman

● Cleveland Career Development and Technology Center

● Walter Robinson Achievement Center

● Cleveland Central High School Lower Campus

We have begun to prepare the student Chromebooks to deliver to the schools. We made sure that devices for testing were ready at Cleveland Central High School. We released a video for Bell about the school application process. We are working with Promethean and Ruckus to help us find a solution to connectivity issues.


Greetings to all from the Transportation Department. We want to take this time to extend our heartfelt thanks and show our appreciation to you all, for helping us stay safe. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for wearing your masks and adhering to social distancing protocols. It takes all of us doing our part, every single day in order to keep one another safe during this pandemic. I especially want to acknowledge the bus drivers and bus monitors for standing on the front line and getting our students from home to school and back home safely, in the midst of a pandemic. You guys have held the line and we thank you. Recruitment efforts have not been in vain. We are delighted to welcome a new bus driver, and we want to extend a warm welcome and show her some appreciation as well. Special thanks to our drivers who are assisting with meal delivery to our students. We want to remind everyone to continue to stay safe and continue to follow protocols and CDC guidelines to keep yourself and those around you safe. Times have certainly changed and they have affected us all in one way or another. We wanted to take a moment just to say thank you, and to encourage you all to hold on during these uncertain times.

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