A informational book by: Brian Bzdyl


This book will be all about how to plan party's.


For your plan get a idea of what you want to do for your party and make a plan. Tell your parents so that your parents can see if they could. Then they can remember what you want to do for your party.


For your cake you can buy or bake a cake. I like to bake a cake so I can do it with my parents. You have to go to the store and get what you need.


For intertanement you could do board games,TV,video games and even go out side. That is if you're doing your party at home. If you're having your party somewhere else you can pick your favorite place and have fun. The decuratoins are more for party's at home. So for decuratoins you would probably want to match the cake dizine with the decuratoins. You can pick what ever you want your party to look like. So if you like something you can pick that for your decuratoins.


For invite you cadn invite all your friend and family. Then you get to hand out all the invitations to tall your friends. You would walk if some of your friends live in your naborhood but your parents would drive you if they live in a different naborhood.


When you party you do what you want that's why this chapter is not going to help you party but at your party always have FUN.