Digital Citizenship Project

Lielee A. Period 2

Rule #1 Digital Etiquette

1. THINK before you post: Is your post True? Helpful? Inspirational? Necessary? Kind?

Rule #2 Online Safety

Don't give out your identity to anyone, if you are going to make a account on something like a game make a name do not put your real name it can lead to a cause of cyber bullying sometimes.

Rule #3 CyberBullying

Don't be a cyberbully by posting something embarrassing of some one or spread roomers about other people and also don't send something inappropriate or rude email or message to someone.

Rule #4 Social Networking

If you get a friend request from some one you do not know Deny them. Also, for social networking go to your privacy and make your account so your friends that you know can only see your posts.

Rule #5 Information Privacy

Always read a cites privacy policy before you transmute any information and if you give any information to anything an identity theft can empty out all the cash you have in your bank account and its safe to read the privacy policy so you don't get a bunch fake stuff on your screen.

Rule #6 Plagiarism

Never plagiarism anyone's work, if you do it can effect you getting a zero at school or at college. Also, if you plagiarize you can fail at high school or at college if you don't put the authors or who ever did the work on your worksheets or you can even face harder consequences than failing.

Rule #7 Copyright

If you are going to copyright someone's work make sure to put their name or author of the thing you are copyrighting from. But fist have permission from that person you are going to copyright their work.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is how you are supposed to use the internet correctly and appropriately to other and how to be safe on the internet by not getting cyber bullied. It is necessary for everyone to know understand that Digital Citizenship is a great thing and that everyone should use it.
Digital Citizenship