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Dare to be Different!

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I did not have a good interaction with a parent yesterday. I was less than patient and probably came across incredibly rude. I knew it when it happened. The positive of that situation? One of my teammates picked me up. She stopped what she was doing listened, to the parent, and took care of the situation I was obviously not doing very well with. That is what teammates are for. We will all have these situations at one time or another during the year. Let someone pick you up. Then pick yourself up and get back at it. Another situation will present itself.....with another opportunity to make a difference.
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McDonald's of Central Indiana MAC Grants Program is NOW Available!

McDonald’s® of Central Indiana will award MAC Grants to Central Indiana educators for the upcoming school season! For 18 years, McDonald’s of Central Indiana has offered MAC Grants to boost learning in hundreds of classrooms across Indiana.

These special grants are designed to help 6th grade – 8th grade middle school teachers of all subjects fund learning-induced projects, assignments, lesson plans and activities for their students. Teachers have a chance to earn up to $500 in funding for their classroom!

For more information or to apply for a MAC Grant, please visit Deadline for application submission is Friday, September 29, 2017.

To help you spread the message about our program to your teachers, we have provided a postcard for you to distribute to your teachers to encourage them to apply for a MAC Grant!

For questions or concerns, please contact Cher Nelson at 317-684-7711 or

Just because you need a laugh.....

Golden Retriever just can't catch food

PRIDE Update

Math and LA teachers are finishing up their first full week with their acceleration kiddos. I appreciate their hard work in looking at the data and getting after those who need a boost to get up to speed.

I also have noticed students are struggling to get to PRIDE with their back packs. I added a minute to the PRIDE passing period to see what happens. I am not letting students know as I think some would move even slower.

Upcoming Dates:

8/28 - PRIDE Shuffle

*Pride Attendance will be taken through Infinite Campus at this time. When the PRIDE shuffle takes place on 8/28 then we will revert back to the DRIVE to take attendance.

The PRIDE guidance document can be found here: PRIDE Guidance Document

Farley Family

I mentioned previously this summer the plight of the Farley family, and specifically the health of Mrs. Farley. I just wanted to pass this link along in case anyone is interested in helping out:

Password is 6846

Your Top 10 Genius Hour Questions Answered

Although geared toward student projects, this article may shed some light on what Genius Hour is and how you can combat some common short falls. We are all learning this together!!!

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Homework Document

Thanks for your efforts on the homework document. Your department leaders will be following up with you to ensure that this tool is available EVERY night for our parents. We want them to be responsible for their child's learning. Let's give them the tools!

Here is the link to next week:

August Discussion Thread

The August Discussion Thread is up in Canvas. Check it out, respond, and then check out some your colleagues responses. Good ideas worth sharing!
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New Computer Labs ****If you check-out the lab you must pick up a Chromebook cart key from Nikki!

When you sign up to use the computer labs in the new wing please pay attention to the care instructions next to the marker board wall. Markers and cloths compatible with these instructions have been placed in the cabinets in the room. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER MARKERS ON THE WALL.

Thanks for helping us keep our new areas looking new.

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Counselors Corner

Students can sign up to speak with a counselor from any device that has internet access. Teachers: you can save this link on your computer or ipad, and students can sign up directly from your room! No need for student to leave the classroom and miss instruction!

As always, if a student is in crisis they will be seen by a counselor immediately.

Kyle McClarnon

All 6th Grade

7th Grade Last Name A-M

Sarah Ready

All 8th Grade

7th Grade Last Name N-Z

Staff Meeting

Monday, Aug. 14th, 2:30pm

10440 Indian Creek Road South

Indianapolis, IN