By Julia. 3D

Kookaburras are native Australian birds.

A Kookaburras scientific name is Dacelo novaeguineae.

Kookaburras are related to other kingfishers.Kookaburras eat insects,small birds,small snakes,small lizards,frogs,fish,earthworms and caterpillars.Kookaburras have short thick bodies,large heads and long straight bills.Their feathers are brown,black or white with blue markings.Kookaburras preadators are young birds and they are hunted by cats,foxes and eagles.Did you know that a laughing kookaburra may live up to 20 years? Blue winged kookaburras are a northen spiecies.Young kookaburras stay with their parents for four or more years.A kookaburra is a type of bird so they lay eggs.A kookaburras threat is when people cut down their trees.

Kookaburras are interesting because they are good parents.