6TH Grade Open House

Jericho Middle School

The closer you are the better we look!

We are excited for our 6th grade parents to join us for an Open House to learn more about our program and see our staff and kids in action! We'll begin at 9am in the middle school library where Dr. Gately, Mr. Wiener and Ms. Richman will talk about the school and the concept of the Growth Mindset. Below you will find some fantastic resources to learn more about Growth Mindset thinking which is based on the work of Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck.

Following this we will visit your child's classroom and then take a brief tour of the school.

Here are the Growth Mindset topics students were given...

The Marshmallow Test
Stuck on an escalator
Michael Jordan "Failure" Nike Commercial
Who Moved My Cheese
Growth Mindset Video