10 June 2022

Week 6, Term 2

Irritated, Incensed, Furious

A hole in the roof was put there by me.

By throwing a brick so aggressively,

I was irritated, incensed, furious, so mad,

And now I know that my actions were bad.

The brick on the roof had made a big bang!

And from their seats my parents sprang.

Running and racing to see what I’d done,

I knew that my punishment would be no fun.

“How could you?” “Why did you?” “What did you do??”

So I pointed my finger to the hole in the roof.

“I’ve never been that angry, at least for a while”,

I’d said with a very hopeful smile.

But they didn’t buy it, not for a second,

My punishment would be quite drastic, I reckoned.

The next day, to fix the damage I’d made,

I went up to the roof and each tile I re-laid.

I tried to work at a very fast pace,

As well as getting the tiles in place.

To make sure the tiles were stuck on right,

I needed a tool to stick them on tight.

I wanted something that was sticky, like glue,

And I knew right away the right place to go to.

Through the window to the left of my bed,

In the distance you can see an old tin shed.

I’d darted along the path to its door,

Wondering if I should further explore.

It was dark, it was cold, it was dusty and old,

But in the back of the shed came a glimmer of gold.

I was curious, but why? I couldn’t explain,

When I saw a gold mirror in an elegant frame.

As my reflection took shape, a small crack appeared,

And when I looked at my hands, I saw what I feared.

The tips of my fingers were fading away,

The back of my hands were turning dark grey.

It was as if the mirror was drawing me in,

Each crack in the gold became a crack in my skin.

And through every crack, the golden light showed,

Every part of my body both faded and glowed.

Then it drew me in, and my breaking world spun,

My body and the mirror at last became one.

I'm telling you this from my new mirror world,

And all of this started from a brick that I hurled.

Written and illustrated by Ellie Harfoot

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Certificate Winners

Principal's Award

Important Dates

  • Tuesday 14 June – Winter Sports Day (Years 5-8)

  • Friday 17 June – Teacher Only Day (School Closed)

  • Wednesday 22 June – BoT Meeting

  • Friday 24 June – Matariki Day – Public Holiday

  • Tough Guy & Gal (registered students only)

  • Friday 8 July – Last Day of Term 2 (normal finish time)

Kelly Club After School Care

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Kit-Markin Construction

Choose Kit-Markin Construction to build your deck and they will donate 2% of the total price to Hautapu School. Contact Josh on 0279355435 or josh@kmh.co.nz

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Your Lunch Box

Want the hassle taken out of schoollunches? Struggle to think of somethingnew for the kids to have everyday? Well sayno more, ‘Your Lunch Box’ is here is help! Delivering delicious and nutritiouslunchboxes filled with fresh local ingredients direct to school everyday.

We offer different sizes for different appetites and ordering is easy peasy. Simply order before 8.00pm the nightbefore you would like the lunch box delivered and we'll take care of the rest! Visit us at www.yourlunchbox.co.nz or lookus up on Facebook


Free Lambs Available for Rearing

Every year during spring we need to find homes for our surplus wether lambs. These lambs are very suitable for pet day animals and will be available in August and September.

They will come with an animal health guide to educate the kids on what illnesses to look out for.

We can collect them after pet day if they have nowhere to be kept long term.

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