Figurative Language

Metaphor, Personification,Onomatopoeia,Pun,Irony


A metaphor is a comparison between 2 things, not using like or as.

An example of this is, "Dad's new car is a soaring rocket.

This means that the car is fast.


Personification is giving human like traits to nonhuman things.

An example is, "The leaves danced in the yard."

This means that the leaves fell off the tree and are now in our yard.


Onomatopoeia is a word that represents a sound.

"The Cat hissed at me," is a example of this.

This means that the sound the cat makes sounds like "hiss".


A pun is a usually humorous type of figurative language that has 2 or more meaning.

I was wondering why the baseball kept getting bigger and bigger. Then it hit me.

This either means that he figured out why it was getting bigger or that it hit him.


Irony is when something happens but it's the opposite of what you expected.

It's like having 10,000,000,000 spoons when all you need is an knife.

It doesn't matter that he has 10,000,000,000 when he needs a knife.

Short Story

Have you ever had a day that is a war?(Metaphor) One of those days that nothing goes your way. I have too, and I’m gonna tell you about a day that this happened to me.

So, I had a day a month ago in Minster that I’ll never forget. So, it first happened in the morning. I was having cereal and in the silverware drawl there was only forks and no spoons so I couldn’t eat breakfast.(Irony) I then got in the shower and heard a hiss sound and saw that the shower was broken.(Onomatopoeia) So, in the morning I couldn’t take a shower or eat breakfast.
But the afternoon was terrible. So I went to baseball practice later and it was going fine before we started to scrimmage. I was the first one up. So the pitcher pitched the ball and I began to wonder, “Why is the ball getting bigger and bigger.” But right after I thought that it hit me.(Pun)

‘‘Are you ok’’ was the first thing I heard.

“Ya” I said getting up. Everything around me was dancing, even the baseball bats.(Personification) I ended up going to the Hospital and had to stay all night. That was the worst day.