Women and African Americans Fight for their rights

Famous Afrcan leaders

There were many famous African Leaders. One was Booker T. Washington. He believed that African Americans needed education, and after a longer process, they would then get their Civil Rights. Another one was W.E.B. Du Bois. He believed in Civil Rights, on the contrary from Booker Washington. He wanted Civil Rights Right away, opposite from Booker T. Washington, who felt a slower process was necessary.

African Americans

Jim Crow Laws

Jim Crow was an actor who dressed up as an African American, and made cruel jokes about African Americans. Louisiana then passed laws of segregation, and called them "Jim Crow laws. These laws prevented African Americans from having their civil rights. Many African Americans thought that these laws were evil and crushing. So, because of this event many African Americans moved north. This event became know as The Great Migration.

Women's Right to vote

Women wanted the right to vote for many years. It was only after 75 years that they got the right to vote, and Congress had failed to do so twice. Many women were outraged when Congress had failed to do so. Many of the western states began to let women vote. This was called suffrage. Later women in the eastern states would get the right to vote. In 1920, America had reached full suffrage. All women in America could vote.

Famous women's rights leaders

There were many famous women's rights leaders. One was Elizabeth Stanton. She and a woman named Lucretia Mott organized a meeting in Seneca Falls. While they were there, they discuss women's rights. Susan B. Anthony later joined them, along with Lucy Stone and Carrie Chapman Catt. Many of these women were part of the temperance movement. Temperance was telling people to stop drinking alcohol.