Tips for Choosing Childcare

for parents

Ten Basic Tips

  • These ten tips will help you, as parents, to find the best childcare you can. This will help enable a safe and healthy life for you and your child.


  • Children and caregivers should be required to get their vaccines
  • These should be kept in records
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Emergency Plans

  • Fire and tornado drills should be practiced
  • Sick, injury, and lost scenarios should be practiced with the children
  • Emergency contact records should be kept
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Child Abuse

  • All staff should have closely monitored records
  • Children should never be alone with one staff member
  • Caregivers should be trained to be able to notice signs of child abuse
  • If abused, caregivers should follow the right action-step plan with the police
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  • Equipment should be safe
  • Caregivers should be able to see all children at all times
  • Children should be taught how to play safely
  • The playground should be fenced in
  • No water hazards
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Staff to Child Ratio

  • There should be three to four children to every caregiver
  • Children need hands on attention
  • Babies especially need a lot of hands-on one-on-one time
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  • Affordable rates
  • Your daycare should be relatively close
  • The better the childcare, the more it will cost
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  • Your child should get healthy meals on a routine schedule
  • Allergies should be addressed and documented
  • Allotted snack time should be given
  • Eating tables should be clean and sanitary
  • Cooks should be in full safety gear to maintain safe foods
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  • Your child should begin learning for future schooling
  • They should be read books, learn their colors and shapes, and learn letters
  • Their grammar and talking skills should be worked on
  • They should be involved in engaging projects
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