Spina Bifida

By Jack Neal

Signs and Symptoms

Seeing a gap or a "split" in the baby when seen in the sonogram can be a sign since Spina Bifida's second name is 'Split Spine'.


There is no known exact origin for how Spina Bifida is made or caught. Scientists do believe ,however, that environment and genetics may have a key role in this defect.
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Spina Bifida is a gap or a split in a child's spine which can cause the remaining nerves and fluids to swell into a bubble on the lower back. This can cause numerous disabilities for the child such as brain dysfunctions or paralysis.


You can prevent this by consuming 400 mcg of Folic Acid a day before pregnancy. It's believed by Scientists that this will help prevent Spina Bifida on a huge scale.


If you do eat enough Folic Acid, you reduce the chances of Spina Bifida by 70% chance and save your child from a huge risk.