Social Studies Why They Came

Some of The Reasons

Why to come to the American Colonies

You should come to the American colonies we have many promises here. We will assure you that you will get cheap land, religious freedom, and a better chance to earn a living.
The economy here in America is much better then the one in England. Some people come because of the better farm land. One of the biggest reasons they come is because of the poor harvests in England and the wars that weaken the country.

Identured Servants and African American Captives

Here there is a high amount of indentured servants and African American captives. Plantations own the most amount of indentured servants in the economy. They are treated very poorly with no respect. If you want to come to the colonies so bad that you would be an African American captive or an indentured servant then I bet someone would take you as an indentured servant or an African American captive.

Middle, Southern, and New England Colonies