Atomic mass-75Kg

Discovered by- Francisco and Sara Galaviz

Occurrence- high deposits found on soccer fields and Taco bell. Low deposits found in libraries and donut shops

Physical Properties

  • Surface is black hair , brown eyes, and brown skin
  • Boils when I lose a soccer game
  • Melts when playing Xbox with friends
  • Can cause laughter if playing around
  • Specimens can be found in various states
1. Happy when playing a soccer game in the rain

2. Scared while riding roller coasters

3. Relaxed when listening to music

  • Becomes stubborn and unyielding when doing chores and homework

Chemical Properties

  • Is repelled by humid weather
  • Is attracted to athletic activity, action movies, and Hispanic foods
  • May explode spontaneously when annoyed by sisters
  • Is inert when watching television
  • Will repel easily offended people
  • Is impervious to cheesy jokes