Cavaliers of Greater Atlanta

August 2015

President's Message

Dear Members,

Many of our Members have been working hard getting ready for the first October Specialty at Jim Miller Park on Friday Oct. 23rd. The outcome of this show will help us make a very big decision for our club. We have to decide whether to hold our annual specialty in January in conjunction with the Cherokee Rose Cluster or on Friday at the beginning of the ALL HALLOWS WEEKEND’ DOG SHOW at Jim Miller Park in Kennesaw.

I hope everyone can attend the show in October to help us make this very important decision.

On a personal note: I had one of the best vacations I’ve ever taken. Kathy Gentil and I rented a caravan and camped for 11 days at top barn in the UK. It was a blast! There were about 60 breeders that spent a fortnight (14 days) at top barn. Sandra Ireland, David Moger, Lucy Kostner, and Pam Craig did a great job organizing the camp. There were games at night (bingo, beetle, music and dancing). On Saturday morning the Cavalier Club had a heart and eye clinic (we let them use our caravan to test the hearts), an open show and Saturday night a hog roast that followed with more music and more dancing. The best part of the weekend was meeting so many new cavalier lovers and breeders. We had a lot of time for visiting with all of the wonderful people. Kathy and I were invited by different people each night for a nice meal and lively conversation.

While in the UK, It was an honor to get to show Ripley at Bournemouth Kennel Club. He got a 2nd in a very competitive open class and went on to win the RCC under judge Pam Craig. Showing a dog a breed at a show in England – check one off the bucket list.J

As I have said so many times – It’s not the shows and not the wins but all the wonderful people this little dog has brought into my life.

If anyone has suggestions for the board on judges, speakers or just changes you would like to see at the meetings please email me at or call me at 706-342-3292.

This is your club and we need your input so get engaged and make a difference!!

Paula Ayers

COS President


Member Spotlight: Mark Fitchpatrick

How long have you been involved in Cavaliers? 10 years

How did you choose the breed (or did it choose you?) As a child I fell instantly in love with Lady from LADY AND THE TRAMP. I thought she was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen. At 6 years old we got a boxer and I insisted she be named Lady. As I grew up I started noticing the Cavaliers in the Old Masters' paintings and actually thought they were artistic license, not realizing there was actually a breed that existed. I remember thinking all of those years that I wished such a dog actually existed. Then it day I was out and saw a lady walking a Blenheim. I slammed on the brakes and got out of the car. Of course I instantly started telling the lady that I was not crazy, all along saying, "they are real, they are real". Luckily she understood and told me all about the breed. I wanted one, of course, but it was out of budget for me. I could not imagine paying that kind of money for a puppy. I could not get them off my mind and started studying the breed. At 50 years old I was diagnosed with cancer. I then went through chemo and radiation the same time. The doctor told me that he was going to take me to The Gates of Hell but promised he would bring me back. Indeed he did. After I traveled through that experience and came out the other end I did two things. First thing was to go and get a brand new Jaguar then I got a Cavaliers. I learned that life is fragile and there is no need to put off what you want. I got the Jaguar out of my system very quickly; not so with the Cavalier. When I picked up Brittian, my first Cavalier, the breeder said, "well, I will see you in about 6 months". I asked her why and she told me Cavaliers are like tattoos. you never see anyone with just one. My response was that in my budget I would not be back in 6 months....she laughed. About 8 months later I called her and got my second Cavalier. 10 years later I have 7. Some days I feel as though I live in a barn, but I would not change it for the world.

Tell us about your first Cavalier. I see that I have already answered this question above. To add to the answer, Brittian is a 10 year old Black & Tan and is turning gray around the mouth. Often I now call him Old Man. He is still just a sweet as the day he came to me. I never have to wonder where Brittian is, all I have to do is look at my feet and he is there.

Are you involved in any Cavalier activities (breeding, showing, rescue,Cavalier meet-up groups)? I began breeding several years ago. I was very slow to start breeding because I wanted to be absolutely certain I was doing what was in the best interest for the breed. I joined CKCSCGA specifically as a way to learn. I knew that the best thing for me to do was to surround myself with knowledgeable and ethical breeders. I have learned more than I ever imagined I would from all of my CKCSCGA friends and am very grateful for the knowledge shared by fellow club members.

Exciting News for AKC GCH, CKCSC, USA CH and UK CH Brookhaven Believe It Or Not...A dream realized!

by Paula Ayers

Almost 20 years ago Brenda and I attended our first Cavalier Club Show in the UK, We were in awe at the beauty in the ring!

Three years ago Brookhaven Twilight, JW “Sky” was bred to CH Pascavale Smarty, we had a litter of 4. We kept 2 of the puppies one we named Brookhaven In the Garden “Eden” and one we named Brookhaven Believe It Or Not, Ripley. Eden was a beautiful girl she and was admired by many. She gained her CKCSC, USA title in December, 2014. Ripley not only handsome; he was also very sound and never missed a step always stopping four square. He never went off as he grew up. He became an AKC Ch. December 2012 and shortly after his club Championship July 2013 under Judge Katie Sloan. He went on to get his AKC Grand Championship in January 2014.

One of my biggest thrills was when Ripley won the top 20 in October 2013; breeder judge Norma Ingles told us how he ticked all the right boxes. We were thrilled. I thought he had done it all until Lucy Koster judged him in March of 2014, she asked to take him to the UK to show him. I thought she was just being nice but she continued to ask for him throughout the year. When David and Sandra Moger visited American and attended our National they offered to take him across the pond for Lucy. Reluctantly I agreed. Ripley is my pet and house companion so it was a very hard decision for me. I have been so proud of Ripley since he made the trip to stay with Lucy. He has been shown 4 times. He received one RCC, 2 CC’s and a Group 2 going into the UK Cavalier Club Show where he received RCC and RBIS. Twenty years ago I would have never thought we would have a dog in the ring where we sat and watch in admiration all the beautiful Cavaliers so many years ago. It is truly a dream come true to have bred a dog that can compete with the dogs in their country of origin.

Trainer's Tips: Polite Dog Feeding Routine

Having trouble with impolite dogs at mealtime? Do they need more manners? Read on to learn how to make dinner time less stressful for you and your dogs with positive trainer and fellow Cavalier enthusiast, Tonya Wilhelm!

Dr. Judy Morgan: Holistic Veterinarian

You are what you eat... and so is your dog! Learn about pet food formulations here with Dr. Judy's online webinar-- we will feature the next in the series in the September newsletter. GREAT information about feeding our Cavaliers. This starts about 4:00 in, as the beginning is an intro to Dr. Judy.

Book Nook: Canine Reproduction And Whelping: A Dog Breeder's Guide by Myra Savant Harris

From This easy to read book discusses the canine reproduction system from head to toe, dog through bitch. It discusses whelping and many other important topics that breeders need to know. It is written in an easy to read format in laymen's terms. You'll love and appreciate this book. Many dog breeders describe the Myra Savant Harris books as being their "Bibles" in the dog breeding world.


Sharon Utych and Linda Whitmire are bragging on their boy Almeara Visionnaire "Stevie" - he took Reserve Winner's Dog at the Lawrenceville Kennel Club show on Saturday, August 22nd under Judge Eugene Blake!

You're Invited!

Program and Pot Luck Dinner Social

Members, Exhibitors, and friends, please join us after the Specialty for some true Southern hospitality!

The club is providing meat and drinks while we invite you to bring along a side to share.

Dr. Corinna Murphy,, will present

Improved Behaviors through Bond Enhancement - Using the Human-Animal Bond to Get Amazing Results

Let us know you plan to be with us – call or email Sue Bess at 404-627-2831 or visit the eVite for details at

(photo from Lady and the Tramp)

September Meeting

Just a reminder that our next meeting is TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2015 at the Holiday Inn-Northlake location.

Board Meeting begins at 6pm, Social hour at 7pm and General Business Meeting at 7:30pm

There will be no speaker this month, however there will be alot to discuss at the meeting including our upcoming events:

- Oct 4 Meet the Breed event at Chattapoochee Pet Festival in Duluth
- All Hallows Specialty on Oct 23 and pot luck coordinating and finalization of plans
- Discussion on AKC Disaster Relief trailer sponsorship

And more!

Thank you,
Sharon Utych
CKCSC of Greater Atlanta

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