The Tradition Continues

Ring Ceremony & Aquin Alumnus Honored

Aquin Ring Ceremony

As is part of the Aquin tradition, we closed out the last day of school before Christmas break with Mass and the Aquin Ring Ceremony. The Ring Ceremony celebrates the 'handing down' of the Aquin tradition from the seniors to the juniors--the passing of the light of Christ to the next leaders of the school. Father Bolger spoke of the values and qualities of Aquin students and alumni in his homily. He also ended with a personal note . . . one that many have not heard in years.

Click here for photos of the Mass and Ring Ceremony.

Those Values in Action by Aquin Alumnus

As testament to Father Bolger's words this morning, Allison (Pitterle) Brouhard, class of 2006, was honored by WREX-TV as their 'Teacher of the Week'. In the report linked below, Pearl City Elementary Principal Chris Wallace said,

"Brouhard works hard every single day to give her students the best lessons, and to make them feel comfortable enough to forget all their worries . . . She cares about many of our families who are needy in the community too . . . she will spend her own money to buy students clothes or things they need. And at this holiday time she actually made a pretty big purchase for a whole family and really wanted to make sure they had the best Christmas ever.”

Congratulations, Allison!

Click here to see the full report on this honored Aquin Alumnus.