Pacific Coast First Nations People


Food Reasources

Alot of natives in the pacific coast people eat sea food.Like alot of shell fish,samon,octopus,heringcrab,whale.The people find the food from the pacific ocean.They have to hunt carfaly.They hunt then they store there food.

Modes of transportion

They use the picific ocean to transport to other places.They make dugout canoes made out of red cedar.The canoes were 16m long.The canoe can fit 40 men in it.


The men are unclothed at summer.The women wear skirts in the summer.The people made robs with goat wool.Thy made it out of baffalo skin.They some times are hard to make them in the winter.

Spiritual Beliefs

They do a salmon run and dance at a specal day all together. Offering to the first salmon of the year.They do a very specil dance that can cure you.They some times put a specil dust on them.Some winters they do the winter dance.


There houses are at lest as big as 170m to 20m.They made a dugout home with baffalo skin as a room.

Social Organization

They used to do slavery in the picific coast.Big dody that the men and women do.Men were resposibal for hunting.Women protected the homes.Women dug for calms and sellfish.