Pratt Institute

Major: Interior Design

About Pratt Instatute

Pratt Institute is a School that has Majors in Interior Design, Photography, and Architecture ect. It is located in Brooklyn, New York with another campus in Manhattan.

Applying to Pratt Institute

To apply you need to send a online application with a $50 application fee, a transcript from your high school, SAT or ACT scores, a letter of recommendation, a portfolio, and an essay on why you should be accepted.

Cost of Going to Pratt Institute

The tuition of attending Pratt Institute is about $42,866. With Fees, rooms expenses, and books etc. It equals up to about $59,206. But Pratt has a wide variety of scholarships according to you GPA every year. So you would always want a high GPA for a better scholarship.

Food and Dorms

They offer a deal for 14 meals a week for $3,300. Then everyday accept Monday they offer a special meal like a noodle bar or a shrimp bar. There are 7 different residence halls that you can live at on campus.


Pratt institute offers basketball, tennis, cross country, track, and volleyball for woman. There team is called the Cannoneers.


Letter to Parents

I showed my dad the letter and he thought that i choose the 3 most expensive colleges in the country. He thinks that Cornell is unrealistic goal for me but he would support me. He also thought that they were very far away.