by: Matthew Brod

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Description and daily Tasks/Responisbilities.

This is the doctor that helps you to sleep through painful operations and medical diagnoses. They are responsible for administering the anesthesia and be present during surgeries to help in complications arising from anesthia medication.

They are responsible for treating changes in your critical life functions ( breathing,heart rate, blood pressure)during an operation. another responsibility of an anesthesiologist to anesthesia in the beginning of the procedure.

Education and Training

All anesthesiologist need to attend a 4 year undergraduate school, along with 4 years of medical school, and one year internship, then 3 years in a residency .


The anual salary is 246,320 on average.
A Day in the Life of an Anesthesiologist

High School Prep and preferred jobs skills

Two courses that Leyden provides me with are anatomy and physiology and medical careers these classes will give me a good feel for what kind of science and knowledge I will need to become a doctor, other things that I will need are

critical thinking skills - the ability to think fast and reasonably.

active listening skills- a technique often used in counselling which requires you to listen and feed back the information to the speaker.

judgment and decision making skills - requires you to evaluate the situation and make the best decision possible.

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