By:Louis Sacher

The holes you dig can always be filled.

233 pages

A boy named Stanley Yelnats tells a story about how he has to go to a juvenile detention facility in the desert because a judge wants him to learn a lesson about stealing. It turns out the camp makes Stanley dig holes for a few months to learn his lesson. He digs with a group of kids on a dried lake directed by a crazy person they call the Warden. Later on in the book he becomes friends with a kid named Hector and Stanley teaches Hector to read and write. Hector ends up running away from the camp because he is being bullied by everyone at the camp. Stanley runs away from the camp too to save Hector and they find refuge on a mountain for about a month. They end up sneaking back into the camp because they know where to find treasure buried. Stanley's lawyer shows up when he found the treasure and gets him out of the detention facility. It turns out that he was falsely accused of stealing. He gets to keep the treasure and his Dad makes an invention that prevents foot odor. In the end they live happily ever after.

The themes of this novel were injustice, never giving up, and friendship. Injustice because he was falsely accused of stealing. Stanley never gave up the whole entire story and kept going because he knew he didn't do anything wrong. Finally, friendship because he makes new friends at the camp that help keep him alive.

I can apply these all of these themes to my life. First, Injustice because I usually get blamed for something when I didn't do anything wrong. Most of the time my dad just says that I did it. Then never giving up because I don't like to quit when I am working on something. Finally, friendship because I like to make new friends like Stanley .
In this part of the novel Stanley and his friend dig up the treasure and it turns out that a nest of venomous lizards are underneath.