iEngage Implementation Meeting

"Enhancement to Transformation"

Our Mission:

Notre Dame High School's mission as a Catholic school ministry in the Diocese of San Bernardino is to prepare students for college in the finest Catholic tradition, grounded in faith, active in scholarship, and engaged in community.

Technology Prayer


Thank you for allowing us to come together again as we continue to integrate technology into our classrooms in an effort to provide our students with a quality, innovative, Catholic education.

Give us the patience to temper the true believers and carefully listen to thoughtful critics. Help us understand and welcome technology as a tool, not as our enemy.

Grant us the wisdom to integrate technology planning into the broader production of a learning-centered institution, where technology plays a role without overpowering the more important members of the cast.

Let us not forget the importance of professional development and technology support as we move forward. More important, open our spirits to the possibility that students may need to be our guide at times as we step into this new world.

Make us more mindful of the ways and whys of our communication, so technology becomes a useful tool in improving and expanding our relationships—so technology remains the medium, not the message. Let us never lose sight of the importance of the caring smile, the encouraging word, and the interested ear.

Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen.

Cor Unum et Anima Una


  • Defining Our Purpose
  • Critical Goals for Rollout Success
  • Perspectives on SAMR
  • Usage Agreement
  • Code of Conduct
  • Apple ID's
  • Streamlining our Environment: iTunes U, RenWeb, Haiku, MOODLE
  • Topics in Technology Course
  • Teacher Incentives
  • Apps
  • Additional Discussion Topics

Our Purpose

A standing committee to support the four year endeavor tasked with identifying and implementing strategies to create the most innovative learning environment in the Inland Empire, such that students are fully engaged in the learning process, in support of our expected learning outcomes, our mission, and our vision.

Critical Goals for Rollout Success:

  • Books
  1. Book List (Dian and Linda)
  • Wifi/Connectivity

Perspectives on SAMR

Creating a Culture

Two perspectives:


School wide/Community

Usage Agreement

Lydia Dashskovitz

Code of Conduct

Dean Giglio

Apple ID's

  • Apple ID's
  • Registering Student iPads
  • Thoughts, Concerns, and Ideas

A Clear, Accessible, Harmonious Environment

iTunes U, RenWeb, Haiku, MOODLE

Sample Courses (iTunes U)

Topics in Technology Course

Teacher Incentives


We must streamline the apps we use in our classrooms to help students gain a sense of continuity between subjects.

Additional Discussion Topics

Tasks and Responsibilities (iEngage Team)