7th Grade AVID First Semester

Alexis Flores 1/14/15 P2

How did i grow as a student this semester?

Well as a AVID student i grew a lot and at the same time i didnt grow  as much because in AVID  learned a lot of things such as keeping a clean binder,how to be more organized,how community service is and other things. The other part where I didnt  grow as much is because at the same time I am not really learned anything about specific colleges that i may want to attend and the fact that Im not pushing myself hard enough to reach my goals and get better grades, but besides all that im very proud of how far i am and how good im doing i know im the best AVID student but i do try not my best 100% but i do try. Next semester i will try even harder and this time i am actually give it 100% im gonna throw out everything, get a new binder, turn all my work in on time and completed i know i havent  done the best this semester but im gonna try way harder next semester. Binder checks, TRF, Learning logs, C-note checks have helped me alot this is what helps me pass the class going back and looking back at old notes and remember old things so i could pass a test, and binder checks kind keep my binder organized because i still keep papers in front but a lot of it is whole punched or put inside my binder, binder checks help by lots of things like in i dropped my binder not many things will fall out, or if i have something in my binder i know where it is at but my sections all this is how i grew as a student this semester.

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What Will I do next semester to continue to grow in these areas?

Next semster i will do a lot to grow in areas like turn in my work on time,actually finish it and pay a lot more attention next semester id really like to grow in turning in stuff on time like my TRFS and c-notes. Id like to be a better avid student and get better grades and raise my GPA by a lot next semester ill try a lot more harder im gonna get a new binder and keep it more organized than i have my binder now so i can pass binder checks also im gonna get all new suplies so i can be prepared for anything. If i do what i say i will my grade will be a lot better than it was before and the new semester im actually gonna keep thnigs and not throw things away that might be important. next smester I will get better in areas or at least try to get better in areas because if i dont then everything i said would have been a lie or my grade will just drop so next semester i will try to get better in a lot of areas.

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Binder Checks

Binder checks they help me a lot because they keep me organized and they help me get my grade up the advantages im organized i automatically know where everything is so i dont have to go through lots and lots of papers another one is when you drop your binder of knock it over nothing falls out so you have nothing to worry about instead of you standing there picking up every single paper. Next semester i will get a new binder and this time ill keep it a lot more organized and fixed and not broken like my binder right now i will actually hole punch things and keep my binder neat for bindr checks next semester.

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C-notes have affected my learning in a lot of ways such as if i have a test coming up or a quiz or a review i just go through my notes and look for the subject and ill find the notes also if i know i dont remeber something i can look at my notes. next semester ill turn in all my c-notes on time and all done c-notes also help because lets say UI didnt write notes and i forgot how to do it im stuck because i decided not to do notes over the subject and if I did take notes over the subject it would be very easy just get the notes out and study them. C-notes checks help by making sure i did c- notes and that i get a grade that could raise my grade higher thats hwo c-notes help me in AVID.

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TRF help me with a lot of things like if I dint understand something and I needed help with it when tutorials come up on tuesday or thursday I just wright what I need help with on a TRF and turn it in for a grade and during tutorials when you need help you get up and write on the board with what you need help with and your tutorial group helps you and explains what you need to do and ask questions to make sure you understand. Tutorials have helped me alot because when I have trouble with something and I need help I write it down on a TRF and when I go up I give a 30 second speech and write down what i have trouble with and my group helps me so after tutorials I undertsnad what i needed help with.

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Community service

Well I can't really say much because iv'e only went to community service once but besides that the first time I went to community service. I felt pretty good because I knew I was feeding the poor and starving so when I got there I didn't know what i was gonna do but ill i knew was i was gonna help so then a couple of minutes passed and i found out we had to pick boxes and move them when i was done and my mom picked me up i felt pretty good because i helped and that was the first time i did community service and how it made me grow as a student.

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