King penguins are the secod largest of the penguin species,on average they are around 15kg and 95cm tall. King penguins have a black back ,long yellow neck as well as webbed feet and a orange beak. The scientific name for the king penguin is Aptenodytes Patagonicus.


There are quite a few locations where king penguins are able to call home. Most of them are found in the Sub Antartic region.Other locations include Folkland Island,Prince Edward Island,Southern Georgia ,New Zealand & Australia.
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King penguins diet is mainly made up of meat. They also enjoy fish,krill,squid and bits of the ground called crustaoceans.


Instead, they lay only one egg at a time and carry it around on their feet covered with a flap of abdominal skin called the brood patch.Late breeders lay and incubate their eggs from January until March.The parents will then moult, leave to go to sea for several weeks to fatten up again and then become the late breeders for that season.While some pairs successfully bread each year most of the time once the chick can defend a new partner is found

How do King penguins live their lives?

King penguins leave the colony where they were born when they have fledged fully and so are able to swim in the sea and catch their own food.King penguins have been equipped with depth recorders and have been found to dive to at least 50m (160ft) in about half of their dives.