Of Mice and Men

Author: John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck

  • Born February 27, 1902 in Salinas
  • Parents Olive Hamilton and John Steinbeck
  • Attend Stanford University in 1919
  • First Novel was Cup of Gold, was a failure
  • Married Carol Henning, January 14, 1930
  • First critical and commercial success was the novel Tortilla Flat
  • First play he wrote was Of Mice and Men
  • Accused of being a communist for publishing the book Grapes of Wrath
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  • He was the author of The Red Pony.

Of Mice and Men

  • Published in 1937
  • Banned in some schools due to coarse language and dark themes
  • Taught in schools to show different perspectives of the world
  • Over 90% of schools teach this book to students
  • Both higher and lower level students learn from the novel
  • The length of the book helps some teachers whether to read it or not
  • Does not portray women in a very good perspective
  • Does not portray the mentally handicapped in a good perspective
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The Legend John Steinbeck

The BEST book ever written

Is this book even good?

California in the 1930s

  • After WWI began importing farm workers from the Philippines
  • Farm workers formed together to make very large strikes
  • Demanded better work conditions
  • Depression came and everyone was getting laid off
  • Wages dropped from 3.50 to 1.90 a hour
  • Most of the workers due to the lack of pay
  • Most strikes lead by communist and other progressive leaders
  • Biggest strike was the 1933 cotton strike
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Migrant Workers

  • Between 1 and 3 million migrant farmers leave their homes to be migrant farmers
  • Mostly workers from Mexico
  • Average age is 31 years old
  • 52 of 100 migrant workers are illegal immigrants
  • Only work to harvest and plant, then they are let go
  • Live in bad conditions compared to the average american
  • Most come because economically unstable
  • 61% of classified as poor
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The Great Depression

  • 1929-1939
  • classified as deepest and longest economic downturn in history
  • Began after stock market crash of October 1929
  • At the peak 13-15 million workers were unemployed
  • Also nearly half the banks had failed
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt made plans to help the economy
  • Square deal plan
  • WWII kicked america's economy back into gear by creating many jobs
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Naturalism and Determinism

  • Naturalism is an outgrowth of literary realism,a prominent literary movement in mid-19th-century France and elsewhere .
  • Determinism is a characteristic of naturalism, defined as the opposite notion of free will
  • Determinism is a branch of naturalism
  • Literary movement taking place during 1880-1940
  • Outgrowth of literary realism
  • Social conditions, heredity, and environment shape the human character
  • Influenced by Charles Darwin's theory of evolution
  • Emile Zola most known author for naturalism