Romeo And Juliet

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In the text Friar Laurence is talking to Juliet about giving her a potion that will makes her sleep…”Take thou this vial being then in bed and this distilled liquor drink thou off….Each part deprived of supple government shall stiff and stark and cold appear like death and in this borrow’d likeness of shrunk death.” This scene tells one reason why the Friar is responsible for the death of Romeo and Juliet, The Friar is planning to make it look like juliet is dead by making her breathing slow down and appear dead . Friar Laurence is responsible because he gave juliet the potion that made her appear dead so when romeo heard the news and went to her so called rescue he seen she was really dead as he thought but she wasn't and so he took a drink of poison and killed himself, when juliet woke up she saw romeo there he was dead and so she tried kissing him so she would get some of the poison and that didnt work so she stabbed herself with a knife,by the Friar planning this it made them meet their demise and it could have been the worst plan ever

know after Romeo and Juliet have passed away the Friar is explaining to the Prince that the letter sent to Romeo never got received and so Romeo thought she was really dead and went to her and killed himself… “But he which bore my letter, Friar John, was stay'd by accident and yesternight return’d my letter back .then all alone at the prefixed hour of her waking

that is making her look dead,but Juliet wants Romeo to know about their plan but Romeo has been banished to another town so the Friar says to Juliet…”shall Romeo by my letters know our drift and hither shall he come and he and I will watch thy waking and that very night shall Romeo bear thee hence to Mantua…”The Friar is saying that he will send a letter to Romeo in the town of Mantua and he will know what is happening and come to your rescue.

this poem is like romeo and Juliet because some one is in love like romeo and Juliet was in love was.

Author: Czar Barquero Aboy

Love comes naturally, so as the say
Like Romeo and Juliet their love for each other will never fade away,
Sometimes love does end with tragedy
Due to lack of trust and questioned honesty.
Like the tragic ending of Othello and Desdemona’s love story
Leaves a person in love to worry,
Because of love's uncertainty
One must unfold its mystery.

To this I ponder to what one must do for love
Is it enough to give up what one have?
Or is it to endure the pain
What one should gain?
Is believing in your lover enough
For him to become your better half?
A question which there has no exact answer
And once answered by an opinion, people beg to differ.
Love's uncertainty begin to wither,
Because I finally now know
Love's reason is for both partners to grow.

I love you like a writer loves his pen and paper
One cannot live without the other
I love you like a song writer
One cannot live without the melody and the singer
I love you like an artist
One cannot live without its sketch
I love you like a poet
One who expresses ones feelings without regret
I love you like an architect
One who loves his masterpiece to be perfect.
And to you I swear
That I will love you like no other else to compare.
For all eternity I am yours
And let it be known to others, our memoirs.

Romeo is Juliet's "drug" because she loves him so much and there love ends up killing her.there love for each other is one of the main reasons the Friar wanted to help Juliet the potion is like a drug because she takes it and it makes her look dead

    Dr. Feelgood

    Mötley Crüe

    Rat tailed Jimmy is a second hand hood
    He deals out in Hollywood
    Got a '65 Chevy primered flames
    Traded for some powdered goods
    Jigsaw Jimmy he's runnin' a gang
    But I hear he's doin' okay
    Got a cozy little job sells the Mexican mob
    Packages of candy cane

    He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood
    He's the one that makes ya feel alright
    He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood

    Cops on the corner always ignore
    Somebody's getting paid
    Jimmy's got it wired, law's for hire
    Got it make in the shade
    Got a little hideaway, does business all day
    But at night he'll always be found
    Selling sugar to the sweet
    People on the street
    Call this Jimmy's town

    He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood
    He's the one that makes ya feel alright
    He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood
    He's gonna

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