Learning Experiences for Academic Discoveries

Voice and Choice

This year Dr. Ryan, our GCISD Superintendent, communicated the vision of Voice for our students, and it starts here at the elementary level. Below is the continuum for developing voice, choice, self-actualization, and eventually leadership.
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  • Each student created a "Monument of Me"--focusing on 5-7 personal strengths to be represented by symbols of their choosing. (Voice & Choice)
  • They are using metaphoric thinking to represent abstract traits.

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  • Students have gone from analyzing Portrait of a Graduate Traits to writing individual goals.
  • They have been using a Hyperdoc to analyze traits of effective, positive leaders.
  • They are experimenting with Google Slides and creating a presentation on a leader of their choosing.
  • They will eventually find their voices in debating/defending why their leader is a powerful, positive leader.
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  • Students brainstormed multiple meanings of rock, stand, ring, and pop by moving from station to station and adding their own ideas.
  • Then students wrote a create story in Google Docs using three of the above words in 3 different ways. (Example..."My doorbell rang, waking me up from a deep sleep. When I opened the door and looked outside, the neighbor children were playing ring-around-the -rosey. I thought to myself, 'Today is going to be like a three ring circus!'" Their stories are uploaded into their Google Drive - GT LEAD folders.


  • Students analyzing gifted characteristics in books, such as Eggbert, Elmer, Olivia, and The Art Lesson. We had a mini-lesson with the book, Michael.
  • Students brainstormed in groups about multiple perspectives. How does the main character view himself/herself? How do parents, classmates, and teachers view the main character using context clues and inferencing.
  • Next week, students will be reflecting on how others view them.
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Silent Line Up using age, first initial of first name, and birthday. We are warming up our brains and thinking on our feet!
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