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February 2021


The C&I Team would like to highlight OUR VERY OWN teachers implementing an instructional strategy that is proven to be effective in student learning! Each month we will showcase a short video that illustrates quality teaching in action and share some highlights of the strategy. We will also describe why such instructional strategy has proven to be successful in improving student outcomes. We hope that you find this inspirational and encourages you to try different evidence-based strategies throughout this school year.

Today we highlight Ms. Evelyn Stephens from Rolling Meadows Elementary! She is an expert at implementing a BLENDING ROUTINE with her kindergarten students. We all share a common goal of helping our students become strong readers. Good readers are able to seamlessly blend sounds together. This takes teacher modeling and lots of student practice with both affirmative and corrective feedback. Ms. Stephens is a great example of what direct instruction and modeling of blending can look like in a primary classroom. You will notice her natural use of SHELTERED STRATEGIES and how dynamic she is as she progresses through the routine. WAY TO GO Ms. Stephens!! Your students are blessed to have you as their teacher!

Click on the Loom link below to see her in action!

Instructional Resources Vetted by JISD C&I

We know finding good resources that can be used for core instruction or intervention, on-campus or virtual instruction can be very time consuming. The table below is a condensed list of instructional resources vetted by the C&I Department. They align with research and are evidence-based, while some resources from the Texas Home Learning website are endorsed by the Texas Education Agency. The notes written on the right hand side are written by our team members for your information. Should you have any questions about how to implement or use any of the instructional resources below, please do not hesitate to reach out to your C&I contact.

Meet Dr. Gallegos, Categorical Programs Specialist

Dr. Gallegos is native of New Mexico and comes from a large family of 5 brothers and 3 sisters. Attending college was his desire, but quite challenging. As a child, he dreamed about serving his country, and at the same time, securing funds to further his education. He joined the United States Marine Corps upon graduation from Gadsden HS. After serving in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, he returned to west Texas and acquired a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from The University of Texas at El Paso. A few years later he obtained a master’s in Instructional Technology, a Ph.D. in critical pedagogy and learning design & technology, both from New Mexico State University.

Dr. Gallegos has worked in 6 districts and 12 campuses as a teacher, RtI, instructional technology specialist, academic coach and presently as the Categorical Programs Specialist with Federal Programs & Grants at the ERC. The culmination of his experience and philosophy of social learning are truly illustrated in his quote, “We migrate to education because we are collaborative lifelong learners and we strive to be the best version of ourselves”.

Judson Assessment Tools Tutorial Video

The video below is a great tool for students to become familiar with all the accommodation tools available to them through Eduphoria Online Assessments. Please view and share this 12 minute video with your students to learn how to use them when taking interim assessments, benchmarks, or unit tests. Thanks to Missy Martinez, Instructional Technology Specialist and Kim Carlton, Assessment Specialist for collaborating on producing this educational video. Learn about:

  • Calculator Tools
  • Speak Option Tools
  • Color Theme
  • Zoom In and Out
  • Add Note
  • Choice Eliminator
  • Flagging a question
  • Highlighting
  • Question Guide
Judson ISD Assessment Tools Tutorial

Virtual Professional Learning for the Month of February

Below is a list of the upcoming Virtual Professional Learning Sessions facilitated by the C & I Department. Remember that we are also part of the Professional Learning Cohort from R20 that allows you to attend many free sessions through the Education Service Center. If you have any questions, Ms. Maricela Maldonado, Professional Learning Specialist, can provide you the support you need. You can also request that ANY member of C&I come model or co-teach in an effort to support a new strategy you would like to try.

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