Mrs. Lyons' Class Week 25

Math, Science, Social Studies

February 22nd - 26th

You all did a great job with the president reports! They looked amazing and most students did great with their presentations. I know a lot of the students were very excited and talked about it all week. Thanks for helping them with that!

Also, thanks for sending flour last week. We had 29 bags of flour donated by first graders! Everyone enjoyed a popsicle recess as a reward!

We will be scheduling conferences soon. Ms. Crowson is working on setting up the online registration spots. Be looking for the email to come this week. The conference time will be with both teachers.


Test Schedule

Friday, February 26th

Chapter 14 - Money

+5 Addition Facts (timed)


Ch. 14 Test Study Guide:

Match the words penny, dime, quarter, nickel, half-dollar to the correct value.

Find the value of the coins shown.

Circle the amount that matches the price shown.

Show the amount with coins.

2 word problems.


Due on or before Friday, February 26th

Math: 14.4-14.6, +5 Facts,

Social Studies: Washington & Lincoln


This week we will finish our unit on Money. This is a hard concept for many. If your child does not master these skills just yet, do not worry too much. Money is not really covered in many schools until the 2nd grade. This is just a starting point. Keep practicing counting coins this week. We will have our test on Friday. (Coins can stay home after Friday!)

Social Studies

We will continue learning about the presidents this week with a focus on Abraham Lincoln. We are also working on learning all 44 presidents with a song! I included the video if you want to practice at home. A printed version was provided last week as well.
Readeez Presents The U.S. Presidents Song

Free Book

Free book coupons went home on Friday. Those coupons expire soon, so take advantage of the free book if you plan on ordering soon.
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Ms. Lyons' Class Code: N8L6R. Every book you order earns free books for our classroom!