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#1 newspaper around about hacking and computers! (12/16/15)

Advice! (everyone has problems! lets fix them!)

"Hi my name is Sam Wilson. I'm upset because I never get to see my bestfriend, Fargas. I think he's mad at me. I'm just super busy now with work. What should I do? I don't want to ruin our friendship at all."

Diana Alvarez - You should try telling Fargas that you're super sorry! Apologize! It might mean alot to him! Start talking to him and go to places together! Explain why you're so busy and why you cannot visit him or talk to him. I believe Fargas would understand if he is a good friend.

Brain Jack is being turned into a movie!?

The movie or/and book is about a young boy named Sam Wilson. He is a computer hacker. Sam likes to hack into systems for fun and to see if he can shut them down and then get out without his identity being detected. One day he decides to disrupt the structure of one of the country's largest telecommunications systems. He is able to move through the system undetected for a while using his computer hacking skills. However, unusual activity is noted by the web security team working for the large company. Sam realizes that he has been spotted and decides to get out quickly. There is a flurry of activity that follows as Sam scrambles to finish the job and remove any evidence that could link this security breach back to him. Sam thinks that he is home free. He got out before any of the security systems were able to find him ...right? Shortly after this incident, there is a knock at his door. Sam is removed from his home and put in prison. He is given a choice: serve jail time for the crime he has committed or go to work for the Homeland Security Cyber Defense Division. Well, given that choice what would you do??? Sam's unique ability has been recognized by the government, and they have great need of his services.

The movie trailer seems epic!! 9/10 people believe that the movie will be worth the wait and money!

Actors/Actresses acting in "Brain Jack the Movie"


At one point in "Brain Jack" a conflict was when someone tried hacking into the CDD.

Sam Wilson acted strong enough and was smart enough to help out find out the people/person hacking into the CDD. Dodge also helped being a generous and a leader fighting away the hackers. Vienna also helped being leader and a little stubborn.