Canvas Updates

Updates/Changes 2014-15

Logging in

Starting today, you will log in to Canvas with your first name_last. You no longer use your whole NS email address.

*If you cannot log in with first name_last, go ahead and log in with your whole email address, but fill out a Help Desk Ticket ASAP.


Draft State

This summer, we changed the settings in Canvas to Draft State. What does that mean for you? The biggest change you will see is in working with Pages.

In the past, it was confusing to figure out how to change the front page (main page) of your course. In draft state, it is much easier. See the video below for directions on how to change your front page.

Canvas Front Page

New Courses

Your new courses should now be in your Canvas Account. If you don't see them there, please fill out a Help Desk Ticket ASAP.

Adding/Deleting Students

Canvas should be updating enrollments four times a day - so new students should get entered automatically and removed as they are entered and removed from Powerschool.


Your courses were not automatically combined this year. As you may have noticed, you have a course for each class period. This updated link to a video will provide you with directions to combine them if you want to--this is not something you have to do. If you use the same content for each section of your course, then we recommend combining them. (EX.--4 sections of 7th grade science.) See the charts below this section to understand the wacky period numbers in your respective building.

**NOTE--At this time, please do not change the name of your courses. In the near future, you will probably be able to do this, but we need you to hold off right now.

Please email me or ring me up in Google Chat/Hangout if you need assistance with this process.

Chart for NEMS Class Periods (Below)

Big image

Chart for NWMS Class Periods (Below)

Big image

Copying Content from one Course to Another

The following link below provides directions for copying content from one course to another.

Copying content

New Tips and Tricks

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