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Newsletter 15th Arpil 2021


Tēnā Koutou Katoa

Our Year 7 and 8 department have been very busy this term. There have been many School Sporting and District wide events. Some students have also taken part in the Aurora gifted and talented day, EPRO8 and screening is being completed to be part of the Aspiring Leaders Programme. Students have had their initial testing completed for mathematics, writing and reading. I look forward to seeing the progress our students make with their learning this year. I would like to thank our Head of Faculty of Year 7 and 8 Mrs Keil and her wonderful team of teachers for all their hard work this term.

We had another wonderful assembly rotation this week. Students in their houses practiced waiata and our school haka. We also celebrated with house points for KARMA cards and prize draws were done for displaying good work ethic and displaying our school values. Our students are amazing.

I have been very impressed with the way our students are wearing their school uniforms with pride. I would like to thank our caregivers for supporting us and ensuring their child is leaving home wearing the correct uniform.

I wish everyone a good holiday break and look forward to seeing our students refreshed and energised for another busy term.

Ngā mihi nui

Mrs Jo-Anne Vennell

Year 7 & 8 Department

The year 7 & 8 Department has rolled through events that have highlighted our school values such as our College House Day, Athletics Day, Year 7 & 8 Swimming Sports, Cross Country, Wairoa District Events, Cricket 8s, EPRO8, Aurora Leadership Program and AUT - Aspiring Leaders. The year 7 & 8 Department have had a busy term creating wonderful learning experiences.

As part of our Integrated Learning Unit the topic has been “Ko Wai Au” - Our Stories. Children have been able to share their stories about themselves through Pepeha, Visual Art, Oral Language and Writing. They have worked collaboratively to build classroom relationships at the beginning of the year creating positive learning environments. To wind up the unit, students have chosen a workshop based on our school values to make our garden area behind N block a place where students can grow and care for vegetables. This space is being transformed with workshops comprising visual art displays, making the area tidy and workable as a koha cupboard for the community to enjoy. The six workshops are encouraging Mannakitanga - caring for each other, Kotahitanga - working together, Whakamana - Respect, and Aumangea - Resilience.

The Year 7&8 Department would like to take this time to acknowledge parents for supporting our NO CELL Phone policy. Great work parents. This has been outstanding over the last couple weeks. Our school Uniform is looking amazing and our Year 7&8 students are wearing their uniform with pride. Just a reminder that we are now heading into the colder seasons and students are required to wear either a black jacket, school jersey or a plain black long sleeve shirt under the school polo shirt. Please let your classroom teacher know if you are needing any support with the winter uniform.

It is pleasing to celebrate our students who are grabbing opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities.


EPRO 8 - Year 7 & 8 entered 6 teams in this district event that was held at Wairoa College on Friday 26th March. Our Department was delighted that 50 Shades of Awesome, which had Maisy De La Haye, Ashlin Swann, Conor Greaney and Amber Paikea, won the Wairoa District 7 & 8 EPro8 challenge. They also qualified for the EPro8 Challenge Grand Final representing our School in Gisborne. In Gisborne on Thursday 1st April at Illminster Intermediate school, 50 Shades of Awesome were placed 2nd. We would like to thank Ms Sonya Condon who drove and supported our team in Gisborne. Our students and department would also like to take this time to express our appreciation and gratitude to Wairoa QRS and Mr Nigel Pollock for the opportunities, equipment and financial support provided for our students to participate and experience this success.

Year 8 Mathematics Extension Class

Student comments:

  • Yr 8: "Better learning at my maths level. I am very good at maths. I have got very good at powers"
  • Yr8: "Greater challenge in Maths. Learning about integers was quite interesting"
  • Yr8: "Its cool learning in a Year 9 class, it is very challenging"
  • Yr9: "They work very hard in class and know most of the answers"
  • Yr9: "They are very well behaved in class"

Year 7 & 8 Physical Education

Physical Education is part of our school curriculum. It is compulsory for all students to bring a change of clothing, T-shirt and shorts each day for P.E. If your child is unable to participate in any physical activity then we ask that you provide the class teacher with a note otherwise the expectation is for all students to participate in any daily fitness and physical activity.

Year 7 & 8 Swimming

Our department held our Swimming competition this year. This event was organised by Mrs Pollock and was a very successful day. Students were fully engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the hype of the competition. We were also fortunate to have some students represent our school at the Wairoa Primary Schools District competition and at the Hawke’s Bay championships. Eight of our selected students went down to Flaxmere to compete in this event and did exceptionally well up against the other Intermediate schools in the Hawkes Bay region. A big Thank you to our Yr 13 students who supported the Year 7&8 Department with our Swimming competition. We would like to thank the timekeepers, marshalls, recorders, race co-ordinators and the announcers. We would also like to thank Amber Forrest-Solomon for supporting our students at the Hawke’s Bay Regional Swimming competition. We couldn’t have done this without all your support.

Year 7 & 8 Winter Sports

Over the last two weeks students have been trialing for winter sport codes in Rugby, Netball, Basketball and Hockey. It is really great to see our Year 7 & 8 students getting involved and participating in these sports. Netball and Basketball had over 30 students trialing for teams which was a great turnout. We will now need parent support with coaching. If you are interested in coaching either Netball or Basketball please contact the school office.

Cricket 8s

This District event was held at Clyde Domain. The event criteria was different this year compared to previous years which consisted of entering only a team of male students and a team of female students. Our Year 7&8 Department entered four teams, 2 male teams and 2 female teams. Our students loved the challenge and thoroughly enjoyed playing cricket. Students worked well in their teams and displayed our school value Kotahitanga - Working together. A big Thank you to Yr 13 student, Coral Nepia, for her help and support.

New Year 13 Prefects

CONGRATULATIONS to the following Year 13 students:

Tiana Runga: Manu House Leader

Hirini McLlroy: Academic Prefect

Service Academy 12-Day Induction Course

Wairoa College Services Academy students participated in the 12-day Induction Course held at Waiouru Military Camp over the period 15 – 26 March 2021. The aim of Induction is to introduce students to the ethos and values of the Academy through a Military style methodology that promotes and fosters teamwork, and to set in place the foundation for continued training, education and personal development throughout the remainder of their Academy year.

In preparation for Induction, we focused on three key elements: GOAL SETTING, PHYSICAL TRAINING and MARCHING DRILL. To help with goal setting, our students attended a four-day Life101 Programme run by Phillip Moon. This provided them with financial knowledge and basic life skills. During physical fitness lessons, we mixed it up with boxing, circuits, beep test, long and short distance running. To cap everything off, we concentrated on military drill. Working together to provide the basis for teamwork.

On arrival, we were met with COVID-19 screening for all students and staff members. Body temperatures were taken followed by questions relating to one’s health. Once the military had given us the ALL CLEAR we proceeded into Waiouru Military camp where a Youth Development Unit (YDU) instructor by the name of Corporal Logan was waiting. A no non-sense approach, all students were given specific timings to be formed up in three ranks with their bags. Welcome to the Military is what I was saying as flashback memories began pouring in at an astronomical rate.

Services Academy students were subjected to bag searches removing phones, medication, contraband or items deemed non-essential. The next 12 days would see our young men and women live and breathe the military without the need for electronic devices. The good ole pen and paper would become their tools of choice when recording their reflection on each day’s activities.

One Platoon comprised of students from Mana (Porirua), Tokoroa and Wairoa College. In a very short time, all students formed new friendship and began working as a team. A very intense programme required students to revellie at 0600hrs and finish every night at 2030hrs.

Each day was different with the exception of drill. This would become our bread and butter instilling discipline and teamwork. Over the next 12 days, everyone improved, especially towards the drill competition and the Graduation parade which no doubt was a proud and memorable moment for all families.

On Day Three, students were introduced to Physical Training known as PT. Corporal Logan who we had met on Day One was also a Physical Training Instructor responsible for all PT sessions for the Academies including the assessment for the Cross Country run, Beep test and the Longest Day. As I mentioned earlier, a no non-sense approach dishing out corrective training like candy when instructions were not followed. By the way, corrective training was in the form of press ups and or running. A good incentive to follow instructions and give a hundred percent effort.

Day Nine was probably the most intense day for our students. This was the Longest Day which began with a fire drill at 0500hrs. All students evacuated the barracks with appropriate clothing, footwear and an army issue blanket. Once the fire team had completed their checks, all students were given a timing to be dressed in their DPM pants and PTR shirts ready to run 2.4Kms as a platoon with a heavy 25 metre rope and sandbags. This was followed with a 4km run around and up Waitangi Hill, all of which was under the cover of darkness. After breakfast via hotbox meals, each Academy were assigned different stations to start at with the finale being the confidence course ten hours later.

Rock climbing, sports day, trust activities, recruitment briefs, museum visit and my favourite being the Directors hour were only some of the activities our students participated in.

The most important lesson gained from this 12-day experience has been RESILIENCE, UNITY and PROFESSIONALISM. It has been an amazing transformation observing each member of our Services Academy uphold Wairoa College core values, setting goals and achieving them regardless of obstacles. A special mention goes to Pahauwera Hungahunga for Top Student and Tiale Keefe-Taeoalii for Most Improved.

As the Director for Wairoa College Services Academy, it has been a great pleasure and proud moment to witness this positive change in our students.

“Remember, always moving forward, never backwards”.

Rural Health Grassroots Careers Group Visit

We were lucky to have this group visit on Thursday. What an energetic and positive presentation by a group of young tertiary students. We had 2 one hour sessions - the first one was attended by Year 11 and 13, the second session for Year 12.

During the sessions, our pupils were given a brief 5-minutes presentation about the many careers in health, the pathways, training providers and assistance schemes available such as the rural entry pathway for Universities. Following this they were divided into small groups to be engaged in interactive workshops which covered topics such as human anatomy, blood pressure measurement, reflex testing and CPR. This was an opportunity for the pupils to have a go at using authentic equipment and learn basic principles in a fun, safe and interactive setting and ask questions. The main objective was to inspire interest and curiosity from the pupils about study and careers in health sciences. The visiting tertiary students were able to explain the ins and outs of gaining a qualification, applying for scholarships, halls of residence, the rural-entry pathway, assistance for Maori and Pasifika and answer any questions our pupils may have.

There will be a similar event on Tuesday 29 June for our junior students when the rural health roadshow visits our school.


Next Learners Licence Course: 12 May in College Library - still spaces for more students

Restricted Drivers: Sign up now

Defensive Driving Course: Coming in May

See Ms Hayward to book

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Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment

Congratulations to Rawiri Haliburton, Aimee MacDonald and Zekaya Te Paora who received their certificates after successfully completing the Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment at Guthrie Smith Centre, Tutira last weekend.

All three students impressed staff with their positive contribution to the weekend, and were a real credit to their school.

CACTUS Longest Day - Congratulation's

Daytonah Castle, Barnaby Couper-Harker, Levi Crayford, Alexander Johnson, Tom Kerley, Kefir Kirwan, Travis Maaka-Warner, Ruby Mildon, Riddik Niania, Brad O'Sullivan, Heritage Poipoi, Aya Prasad-Gilbert, Kayle Priestley, Anaru Rore-Keefe, Te Ruiihi Rore-Keefe, Callum Spence, Orion Tamatea, Leitesha Taylor-Bell, Exodus Taylor, Madison Te Kahika, James Vennell, Rawiri Waihape-Hiko, Alyx Wairau.

Upcoming Events

  • Puhoro Wananga Day - Thursday 15th April
  • Trades Academy Year 12 & 13 Gisborne - Friday 16th April
  • Last Day of Term 1 - Friday 16th April

  • Term 2 Starts - Monday 3rd May
  • Year 13 Health and Safety Course - Friday 7th May
  • Smarts and Smashed Programme - Friday 7th May
  • Trades Academy Year 12 & 13 Gisborne - Friday 7th May
  • Defensive Driving Course - Tuesday 11th May
  • Learners Licence Course - Wednesday 12th May
  • Defensive Driving Course - Thursday 13th May
  • Alcohol Expo Taradale - Friday 14th May