First Grade News

January 19 - 22, 2016


Tuesday, January 19th is Day 5 of the Encore Rotation

Mon. No School

Tues. Read 10 minutes

Martin Luther King Jr. writing worksheet.

Wed. Read 10 minutes.


Thurs. Read 10 minutes.


Fri. Read 20 minutes.

Optional Lifework:

Write three sentences about facts you've learned about Martin Luther King Jr.

Lifework Assignments

Students have been working to learn and write in D'Nealian. Please make sure your child does all lifework assignments in their neatest and best D'Nealian. If work is submitted without D'Nealian writing, your student may be asked to redo it correctly. Thank you for your support.

No spelling this week.

We will not be having any spelling words for this week due to the short week and GATES testing.

Curriculum Corner

Langauge Arts: GATES testing. Vowel Sound: Long U (u_e, ui, ue). Summarize and Synthesize Stories. Analyze Story Elements. Persuasive Writing. D'Nealian Handwriting Letter Nn.

Math: Continue with fractions of a region. Time to the half hour. Assessment on Friday, January 22.

Social Studies: Continue with Economics. Vocabulary - Needs, Wants, Goods, Producers, Consumers. Market Day: January 29th (More information TBA).

Star Students - Poster Due Upon Your Return

Mrs. Brandt - Reed Kelly

Mrs. Buck - Preston Littlejohn

Mrs. Moore - Gabriella McKeever

Star of the Week Instructions

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Inclement Weather Policy

When we are not able to come to school due to inclement weather, please continue to study Spelling words at home. We will try our best to keep on our test schedule and will be giving tests at the first available moment. Also, please keep up with the Lifework assignments as best you can. We realize that you may not have the worksheets to complete before they are due, however, keep up with the reading and spelling assignments and we will adjust the worksheets accordingly. If we are out for more than one consecutive day please read for 20 minutes every day, write 3 sentences about your day and illustrate, practice math for 30 minutes on IXL, and continue to do the Spelling Lifework and practice the spelling words. We will check the work when we return.

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January Poems

When Winter Comes

by Laura Numeroff

When winter comes I love to skate.

I get there early and I stay quite late.

I don't go too fast, it's all very new.

There are so many things I wish I could do.

I know how to glide and spin around,

But sometimes I end up on the ground.

One day I'll do a figure eight!

When winter comes I love to skate!

The Little Snowman

There was a little snowman

Who had a carrot nose.

Along came a rabbit,

And what do you suppose?

That hungry ittle rabbit,

Looking for his lunch,

Ate the little snowman's nose -

Nibble, nibble, crunch!