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15 January 2016

Up Coming Dates

18 January- No School- MLK Day
21 January 100th Day of First Grade
29 February Year book orders due

Our Week

Dear Parents,

It was another great week in first grade! We continue to work on the comprehension strategy of summarizing the text and finding the main idea. Summarizing is taking sections of text and pulling out the most important parts of what was read. It is deciding what is worth remembering in a selection and capturing it in your own words. As readers it is important to summarize what we read so we can remember, organize and understand the importance of a selection. Summarizing can be challenging for many readers. This is because they try to retell the whole story with great detail. They struggle with finding the most critical elements of the story. Here are some ways you can help your child with this strategy at home.

1. When reading with your child, model how to summarize. After finishing a few pagers or a chapter, stop and summarize what has happened. State the main idea and organize the events of the story. What was the most important thing that happened on that page or in that section?

2. After reading a story, have your child draw a picture of the most important information from the story. This will help your child to focus on what the main idea of the story was by deciding what parts of the story need to be included in the picture.

3. Read a portion of a chapter or picture book and question your child what was read.

Question to ask your child after reading include:

o What is this selection about?

o What is the big idea? What is your evidence?

o What is not important to remember in this selection? Why?

We have been learning about the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. while practicing our summarizing skills. We introduced the non-fiction genre of a biography or life writing. We made and read a book about Martin Luther King. We worked with the book to summarize the main idea on each page and write a sentence in our own words to create a fact ladder about the book. Students made and read a book about the life of Martin Luther King. We wrote and drew about how MLK changed the world.

We continue our author study of Jan Brett. We used a Venn diagram to compare and contract her stories. We’ve used props to practice retelling a story. We’ve practiced summarizing her stories, sequencing her stories and more! We enjoy the patterns, the parallel stories in the words and pictures and her detailed illustrations.

We have begun studying the long vowels sounds. We are looking for patterns such as CVCV (consonant, vowel, consonant, vowel); and CVVC or what we sometimes call a walking vowel — when two vowels go a walkin’ the first one does the talking’ and says its name. We will be practicing these patterned spelling on our spelling test. We practiced looking at words to identify the pattern that might help us problem solve an unfamiliar word and sorted them into catagories: CVC, CVVC, CVCe and oddball.

We continue to work on being able to identify parts of speech: nouns, verbs and adjectives. We worked on several different sorting activities with words. We had a parts of speech scavenger hunt. I hid words around the room and kids searched for the words and sorted them into the correct piles. We worked with a poem from our binder, Mice, to find all of the nouns and the adjectives that told more about the noun.

Yearbook order forms came home last week. If you and your child would like to order, please follow the directions in the flyer. You may send an order to school or order on line. If you need a new form, please contact the office.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Laura B.


We started working with a class blogging site: Kidblog. Many kids indicated they would like to blog at home. The address for our site is:

The password is blog18

Spelling Words


Before we fell asleep, we read a book. It was about a green leaf.