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Summer updates, Registration, Teacher Assignments, and More

Registration Updates

  • Please make sure you have your children registered for school before July 27. Registration matters because the enrollment numbers we have by the end of the month determine the number of teachers I am given for the school year.
  • Please spread the word to your neighbors who may have kindergarten age children and to those neighbors who have recently moved into the area.
  • Walk-in registration is on July 26. This day the secretary will be available to help anyone who needs help from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. There will be devices available for you to register your children. Please remember birth certificates, immunizations and 2 forms of proof of residency if you have not given those to us in the past.
  • Teacher assignments will be available on August 5 (excluding kindergarten students). Log into iCampus and choose 'schedule'.

Big changes at Art City!

Increased Security

Mid year last year we had our café doors installed outside the office. We also had large glass panels put in the office doors. These improvements allowed us to know who was entering our building. Over the summer we continued to make improvements. Here is what you can expect to see when school begins in August:

  • Café doors will be locked during school hours. This will include assemblies and class parties. The doors will be unlocked during the open house, before school (beginning at 8:15 for breakfast service), during parent conferences and during the school musical performances in the spring.
  • All outside doors will remain locked and closed at all times. Doors will not be propped open for any reason.
  • Closed circuit TV/video is installed in the office. As you walk in you will see yourself on the TV mounted above Mrs. Anderson's desk.
  • All cameras have been updated to digital format, and additional cameras have been installed.
  • The office area has had key cards installed. Teachers and staff members will have to use their key card to exit the office area. Likewise, any visitors who have entered the office must be buzzed out in order to go into the school.
  • The office is accessible from inside the school. Students needing to get into the office can do so just as they always have done.

A few things that have been in place for a while that you may find comforting:

  • The building can be locked down with a specific key card I have - and this can be done from the office area.
  • We have a direct line to the police via radio if we ever have an emergency situation.
  • EVERY month we have emergency practice drills.
  • All teachers and staff have an electronic whistle. This whistle is LOUD. Staff is trained on how to use this to notify others of an emergency quickly. It can also be used outside, however, the signal that is used for an emergency alert is very specific and can't be confused with outside recess/PE use.

Art City Lobby

The lobby area has undergone a big change. (Will be finished the first of August) I am excited for our students and visitors to see a bright, comfortable, welcoming and fun lobby area. The bookshelf in the lobby contains some books. Students are free to read these books. This bookshelf is a 'take one, leave one' type of thing. We want our students to have access to books and to love reading. We welcome donations of gently used books for our shelves.

Open House/Meet the Teacher/Parent Conferences

  • August 16 from 2:30-4:00 is our annual Meet the Teacher afternoon. Please join us between 2:30-4:00. Come meet your teacher, see your classroom, pick up important information about your class, parent information, check out who your classmates will be, and stop by to say hello! This is such a fun and exciting time!! Please do not come early as teachers are finishing setting up their classroom and won't be ready to greet students and parents.
  • Stop by the office and pick up a magnet with school info and events. You can also pay donation and lunch money at this time.
  • Be sure to stop by the PTA tables. We have awesome school shirts you can purchase and TAKE HOME with you the same day! Thank you PTA.
  • Please, please join PTA. It cost just $6.00. Joining PTA does NOT mean you have to be on any committee or sign up to do anything. I is a way of supporting our PTA who works so hard all year to make Art City a great, fun and exciting place to be.
  • Parent conferences will be held from 3:15-7:00 pm on Sept. 29. December 1 and February 23. Teachers will have some appointment times available throughout the week of conferences.

Lunch - No longer free to all students

The grant for free breakfast and lunch for all students has expired. That means that this coming school year parents must pay for breakfast and lunch. Please note that the lunch ladies cannot refuse service, so if your child goes to get a tray they will be served. Also, students MUST take a fruit and a vegetable each day. This is law for school lunch programs.

Breakfast: at this time I am not sure of the exact price. It is less than the cost of lunch.

Lunch: $2.00 per student Adults $4.00

Free/Reduced lunch must be applied for each year. The application can be found on the Infinite Campus portal. In the menu select "More" > "Meal Benefit" If you think you may qualify, please fill out the forms.

You can check your child's lunch balance in the Infinite Campus Portal at any time.


We depend on your generous donations! Remember, we do not send home a supply list with students. All school supplies will be provided for each student. Please log into Infinite Campus parent portal and choose 'fees'. We ask for $25 per student. This helps us cover materials (pencils, paper, glue, markers), assemblies and class needs. 80% or more (I like to have 85-90% go to classrooms) goes directly to classroom teachers to use for class needs (like extra markers, binders, pens, Clorox Wipes), supplement field trips, parties, gifts for Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. and other needs the grade level may have. The other percentage of funds pay for assemblies, student rewards (Student of Month, Awesome Eagle, etc) 100% of your donated funds go to the students at Art City!!! Please support our school and make your donation. Many parents want to make a larger donation than $25. The system requires us to have a $ amount. If you choose to donate differently than the stated amounts, please call or drop by the office. Natalie can take credit card charges over the pone, or you can pay by cash or check in the office. Thank you so very much for your donations. It makes all the difference in the world to our teachers!!



16: Open House 2:39-4:00 pm

17: First day of school for grades 1-5.

22: Kindergarten teacher assignments available (teacher will call each student/parent)

23: Open House for kindergarten students

24: First day of Kindergarten

30: Emergency Drill


5: No School - Labor Day

6: Assembly - Jump Rope 9:00 am

13: Picture Day

16: Emergency Drill

23: LIFT Assembly (Life In Future Training) We will combine our Stand Strong student assembly with LIFT assemblies this year.

26: No school for students - Teacher training day

29: Parent conferences