Help veterans find education

Help our retired forces find careers

Education is the key to the careers

After many soldiers are harmed they are left in the united states to find a new job and new life. Soldiers have to go back to school to get a new career. Veterans do have a choice between getting a job or just let some one else do it but most of them choice go back to college for a new one. You might think they should just stay home and cleaned up. What if they can not do that what if they have to because another loved one has a bad diseases they can make them die

Everyday it happens

Everyday some one becomes a veteran. A veteran is a person who served or who is serving. A veteran can be 21 year old who got injured.It can even be a 72 year old who retired. Who ever is a veteran we need to thank for us having safety and making it where we all are FREE

Veterans being thanked and honored

Thank your veterans in your neighborhood today

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Watch see you again

which might remind you about the soldiers they have fought