The Mummy and the Treasure Hunter

By Matt Young

Once upon a time there was a treasure hunter in Egypt. The treasure hunter was very poor and needed money. One day, he stumbled upon a pyramid, he decided to go in it after he found a secret entrance on the side of the pyramid. He fought off many traps until he found a large case inside a room. He opened the case and inside were many goods such as diamonds, gold, and silver. He grabbed all of the stuff and headed for the exist, but he ran into a mummy. "Do not take my prides and treasures or else I will take yours. The treasure hunter ignored and left the robbed mummy in the pyramid.

A few weeks later, the treasure hunter was finally at home with his family, when a large jackal came to his house and took his family, the jackal said to the treasure hunter before leaving "He warned you" and then left, taking the treasure hunter's family, riches, only leaving behind one jewel, as a reminder to the treasure hunter that he should consider the consequences before he does something. The treasure hunter sitting in his home, sat and cried, regretting everything he had done in the pyramid.

The theme of this story is to listen and respect warnings