Eating Disorders

James Issa

What are Eating Disorders?

- Many people think that an eating disorder is a result from a way of living your life, however they are serious and can cause fatal illnesses that create severe disorders in your body.

- Obsessions with food, body weight, and shape can lead to an eating disorder.

Risk Factors

- Eating disorders usually become prevalent during the teen years, where one is concerned about the way their body looks.

- Women are 2.5x more likely to develop an eating disorder

- Researchers are finding that developing an eating disorder is a genetic, biological, behavioral, psychological, and social effect

Almost 30 million Americans of all ages suffer from an eating disorder.

Visit your doctor if you suffer from any one of these conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are certain personality traits more common in individuals with eating disorders?

- People with eating disorders, especially anorexia are found to be perfectionists and sensitive to criticism.

Is there a biological basis to eating disorders?

- You can not inherit an eating disorder, but social pressure can make you develop one.