Daintree Rainforest

by alisha


The daintree rainforest is a tropical rainforest located north east of queensland.the daintree rainforest is the largest rainforest in australia yet it only takes up 2% of australias land mass the daintree rainforest has lots of plant and animal life waiting to be discoverd


The animals in the daintree have diffrent ways of moving and caring for there young.Animals that are still alive today have adapted over the years how to live and thrive e.g the cassawary has thick feathers to protect them when their running through the bushers if a stick pokes them it wont hurt them because of there thick feathers.

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The tall trees are called the emergent layer. All the trees that are in the emeregent layer fight for sunlight the trees can grow up to 200 feet or it can be more. The canopy layer is just under the emergent layer the canopy is like a blanket to the other layers because there there all stuck together trying to get more sunlight the trees in the canopy layer can grow up to 100-150. The next layor is the understory is just under the canopy layer.The understory holds all the young trees that are still growing abnd are not that big .the next is the last floor the forest floor it is very dark and damp on the forest alowing moss and fungus to grow.

Emergent layer

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Canopy layer

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Under story

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Forest floor

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Treats or danders

mining is a threat to the daintree rainforest because mining can cause damage to the plants and animals. Above ansd takes all the minerals out of the ground.Logging is another thing that harms the daintree rainforest.It harms the daintree rainforest because loggers are going and cutting down all the trees and selling them for money then there will be no more in the daintree rainforest.


People come from everywere to see the daintree

rainforest because its the biggest rainforest in australia.and has beautiful animals,plants