Experienced Animator Wanted!

Now Hiring!

Job Description

This position is for an experienced animator who will be working with 3-D animation software to create animated characters and environments for video games.

You will be working daily with animation software such as Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Flash.

You will also be working as a team with other people in the animation department to create continuity within projects and receive feedback on your progress.

You must be willing to potentially work long hours and over holidays in order to meet deadlines.

Skills And Requirements

Proficiency in drawing and familiarity with animation software are the main skills that are required for this position.

Social skills are beneficial, as you will be working with a team of people on a daily basis.

A Bachelor's or Associate Degree in Computer Animation, Fine Arts, or Graphic Arts and at least two years of experience in the industry is required.

Salary And Location

The position is in Seattle, Washington with an annual salary of $75,000.

Professional Organizations

Being apart of a professional organization is a great way to network and and get your name out there. The connections you make could quite possibly help advance you in your career. It is not required that you join an organization to work for us, but it is highly recommended for any aspiring animator.

International Game Developers Association (http://www.igda.org)
Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (http://www.interactive.org)