excretory system

by: Andrew H. and Fatima M.

Major organs and locations

Organs involved: kidney, large intestine, liver, skin and lungs.

All located in the back of abdominal cavity except skin.


The function of the system is to eliminate waste. The kidneys filter blood from arteries. The large intestines transports the waste. The liver breaks down toxins. The lungs diffuse carbon dioxide from blood. Lastly the skin diffuses waste through sweat.


The system maintains homeostasis by removing any dangerous or unnecessary material from the body (preventing any damage from occurring). One way to maintain homeostasis is by sweating or using the bathroom.


The excretory system interacts with the circulatory and endocrine systems. The way that it interacts with the circulatory system is that blood passes through one of the two kidneys and the excretory system consist of the kidneys. The way that it interacts with the endocrine system is that its the main controller of this system and as levels of compounds and fluids are monitored, the kidney function must constantly be altered to provide the best internal environment. Kidneys are tied to the endocrine system with adrenal gland positions on top of each kidney and they release adrenaline into the body.

System malfunctions

If the system malfunctioned it would build up waste in the body. That can cause you to get sick.


  • kidney stones- small size deposits of calcium that could increase or get infected and results in extreme pain.
  • bladder cancer- when there is a uncontrolled growth of cells present in the bladder and it results in a tumor.
  • nephritis- the inflammation of one or both kidneys and results in pain at the start and body organ damage for continued diseases


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