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World Read Aloud 2021

What is the World Read Aloud?

LitWorld founded World Read Aloud Day in 2010 in celebration of the power of reading aloud to create community, to amplify new stories, and to advocate for literacy as a foundational human right. Over the last eleven years, World Read Aloud Day has evolved into a global movement of millions of readers, writers, and listeners from communities all across the world coming together to honor the joy and power of reading and sharing stories, and continue expanding the definition and scope of global literacy. Here at CCSD15, students will have the opportunity to participate in some special read aloud events on February 3, and we invite you to participate at home as well! Follow #WorldReadAloudDay on social media to follow other readers-- all around the world!

All information from LitWorld.

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Why is it important for you (and your student) to read aloud?

Read Alouds at School

Each day students in grades K-6 actively participate in an Interactive Read-Aloud with their classmates and teacher. Interactive Read Alouds are a vital part of a student’s literacy day. When students engage with a read aloud it expands their vocabulary, promotes the simple joy of reading, provides an opportunity to think and talk with their peers, and write about texts.

Read Alouds at Home

Reading a story to your child is not only a wonderful way to build positive family relationships and memories, it may also develop their vocabulary and perhaps most importantly, foster a lifelong love of books and reading! Children can learn so many things when they listen to a read-aloud – they hear new vocabulary, explore new exotic places, and hear the cadence of reading. So, grab a book and a cozy blanket, find a comfy place to cuddle up, and begin the powerful journey of reading aloud to your child.

Why Reading aloud to Older Children is Valuable

“The first reason to read aloud to older kids is to consider the fact that a child’s reading level doesn’t catch up to his listening level until about the eighth grade,” said Trelease, referring to a 1984 study performed by Dr. Thomas G. Sticht showing that kids can understand books that are too hard to decode themselves if they are read aloud. “You have to hear it before you can speak it, and you have to speak it before you can read it. Reading at this level happens through the ear.” Click here to read more on this study.

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The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling has been part of the human experience for millennia. Let’s keep that tradition going with our own children or grandchildren. Our family stories bind us together. They are a part of our shared history. They can inspire children and benefit them as they grow into adults. They stay with them until the day our children share the stories with their own children. If that’s not powerful, what is?

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Looking for access for electronic books at home?

Thank you to the Palatine Public Library for their collaboration and partnership. Our District 15 students are now able to access SORA, free digital and audio books. This account is accessible by students on their Chromebooks and works just like a digital library. Click here to learn more about SORA, and learn how your student can create their account!

Meet Sora: An ebook and audiobook app for students from OverDrive
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