Granger School Weekly Newsletter

September 21-25, 2015

Quick Reminders

October Birthdays

Karen Red 11

Carmen Nemcek 12

Jessica Ivicic 16

Renaissance Marking Periods

Oct. 5-9 Math Star

Oct. 19-23 Reading Star

Oct. 26-30 Math Star

October 2 - Picture Day and Homecoming

October 5 - Beginning of 2nd Six Weeks

October 12 No School (Columbus Day)

Rhoades Research: Learning Zone Every Classroom Needs

Homecoming Week Nov. 28-October 2, 2015

Mrs. Debbie Hughes, a new addition to our GISD family, has been busy working with Student Council to get ready for Homecoming. Some may say she has been thrown to the wolves, but it appears she is now leading the pack. Students are busy designing 10x10 banners to represent their class, which will be put up Monday in the cafeteria. Dress up themes for each day of the week gives students and staff an opportunity to make an appropriate change to the dress code and show Granger Lion Spirit. Thursday evening parade entries will be lined up at 6:00pm to start the parade and kick off the pep rally. Hopefully everyone can make it and see the hard work students put into designing their floats! And of course, make it to the football game Friday to witness all the excitement.

Granger School

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For the Love of Laughter

​A great t-shirt slogan: ​“I was put on this earth to accomplish certain things. At the rate I am going, I will never die.”

Tastebud Tingles

If you have a tried and true recipe for those worn and weary days, please share! Have one which will feed large groups? Please share! Have one when someone else gets to clean the kitchen afterwards? Please share!

Store bought dinner for the worn and weary:

Best salad: Dole chopped salad kit: Sunflower Crunch

Mrs.Stouffers frozen lasagna - NOT the meat lover's! Lasagna with meat and sauce

Sister Schubert's frozen dinner yeast rolls

Bunny Tracks Rocky Road

*NOTE: Rubber band needed. You will loop it around the button of your pants, then stretch it to connect and loop under and around button hole. Depending on the amount of times meal is cooked will determine the length of time this will be necessary.

Tried and True, Worn and Weary Day Recipe: Cereal

TIP: If out of milk, can of evaporated milk or water and sugar works. The end-of-paycheck struggle is real.

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Mrs. Baker's Theater class made props from cardboard, basing their hat design on a children's books.