Informing with Infographics


  • God & Growth
  • Crew work
  • Track peer behaviors throughout class
  • Start working on your infographic using one of the tools listed.
  • Exit tweet

God & Growth

Proverbs 23:12 "Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of knowledge."

Pick a prompt:

  • How does this relate to Growth mindset?
  • How does this verse relate to you as a current student?
  • How does this verse relate to class?
  • How does it relate to you as a future educator?

Crew work

Rock, paper, scissors body movements Round 1

If you win the best of out 3 you need to answer the question, What is an infographic?

Rock, paper, scissors body movements - Round 2

If you win the best of out 3 you need to answer the question: Where have you seen infographics used in the classroom or out of the classroom?

Go to Pinterest

  • Find an infographic that is related to education
  • Pin it to your board or our group board! (If you don't have access to our group board email Dr. F the email address you used to sign up for Pinterest)
  • 1 thing you like about the infographic
  • 1 thing you would change
  • 1 thing you could do incorporate into your own infographic

Share with a friend near you, your findings.

Infographic rubric

Due Friday 3/3

  • Tool description (10 pts) What is an infographic? How did you create your infographic (what steps did you go through to create with it?)
  • Artifact description (10 pts) How does it fit into Danielson framework of teaching?
  • How does it fit into the component you identified?. Tie this into your portfolio, make direct connections into why it fits - link it to a specific element and describe it. Infographic page is under a Danielson component page.
  • Artifact reflection: Select 3 questions to answer for your reflection, try to choose three different questions to respond to:
      1. What would you do differently?
      2. What did you enjoy about creating the artifact?
      3. How does this tool support pedagogy?
      4. How does this experience relate to ISTE NETS?
      5. How does this experience relate to Growth Mindset?
      6. How does this experience relate to SAMR model?
      7. How can you use this tool in your future classroom?
      8. How does the learning from this component and tech tool tie into your learning in Ed Psych, Foundations of Teaching, or another education course?
    • Insert image (10 pts) Insert the infographic that you created into your digital portfolio. The picture is inserted correctly
    • Spelling and grammar ( 2 pts) Proper capitalization Free of spelling errors Appropriate use of professional vocabulary Proper use of punctuation
    • Effort (3 pts) Effort was made to answer the questions with more than one sentence Ideas are clearly articulated Effort was made to make page look appealing It is clear that student did more than the bare minimum required Page looks professional and demonstrates professional understanding
    • Visual appeal (5 pts) Consistency in font choice Font is large enough and clear enough to read Background does not hinder readability Paragraphing is consistent and easy to follow Page is consistent with portfolio theme

Infographic creation time

  • Get out your scholarly resources out and ready to refer to
  • Login to the tool you want to use to create your infographic
  • Start creating and getting familiar with the tools!

Below you will find links to each of the infographic creation tools along with links to their YouTube channels. Don't forget to save your work often!

Exit tweet - Pick a tweet #gccedu

  • Send a pic of your infographic and short description of topic.
  • How are infographics useful in education?
  • How can you use infographics with your students?