National Holiday

What Is F.O.O.D Day?

F.O.O.D day is an acronym for Fandoms Of Our Day. This day is dedicated to fandoms of all kind and place!

National F.O.O.D day

Saturday, Nov. 29th, 10am

To Be Announced

F.O.O.D day will be celebrated on Nov. 29 right after Black Friday to give you a little more reason to buy that day.


10:00: AM The celebration starts late giving you a chance to sleep in for a while.

10:30: AM After getting a good crowd at the location. We'll start leading the crowd into the area. This were the convention starts

11:00 AM to rest of day: Refreshments and food will go on and a party will be going on until the end of the day. A Comic-Con style fashioned event will take place and booths will be set up as clubs, promotion or just a place to hang out and talk.

A few fandoms..

F.O.O.D Day

F.O.O.D day will be a time to celebrate your fandoms and relax.


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Remember this is just and idea for a holiday!


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